#165 – grounded in nostalgia

I think I saw Marigold and Greg as maybe having a chance in this early story! A very different comic that would've been. The punchline in this one is meant to be that Eve and Park's relationship is a trainwreck waiting to happen. But there's always been a camp that wants to believe in them - maybe they saw this as a hopeful moment.

10 thoughts on “#165 – grounded in nostalgia

  1. It's interesting how it was setting up for a trainwreck, because unless I'm misremembering the relationship is rocky but ends up kinda just ending abruptly when Park is like "eh, I gotta go" and then we get the closure arc that really closes it in one strong encounter. Interesting.

    1. That's how I always felt about it too. Like they were just meh for each other and it never felt solid and then yeah the door slams shut right towards the end.

  2. Shouldn't it be "belong the spoils"?

    1. No. "Victor" is the subject of the sentence, while "spoils" is the object, thanks to some prepositional chicanery.

      Alternatively, Marigold was speaking, and wasn't bothering to keep her plural agreements pristine, the way many people tend to be less exacting with their grammar in spoken language.

      1. The spoils are definitely the subject here. Minus hyperbaton, the sentence would be, The spoils belong to the victor.

  3. Isn't a relationship with an old ex by definition grounded in nostalgia?

    1. Yep! That's what makes the last line a punchline.

  4. A very 'Eternal Sunshine' moment, well done. And I never wanted her and Park to work out.

  5. Greg and Marigold would've been such a rollercoaster. Wonder if it would've worked or not? I know I would root for it.

  6. Instead, Greg eventually forgets Mar's name. More importantly, I guess this is when Puget Sean is seen developing his thing for Marigold.

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