#144 – concern and resentment

9 thoughts on “#144 – concern and resentment

  1. "I dated a nerd once."


    "We broke up."


  2. lol, stoners calling nerds unproductive

  3. Nerds are the fail-version of geeks. Geeks, like stoners, make the world turn.

    1. ha 100% accurate insight!

  4. Oh, c'mon stoners of today are a "clean, industrious people". They're, like, super productive. And stuff.

    And geeks definitely make the world fun.

  5. I love Marek– he's like the perfect stoner ambassador. <3 So nice

    1. Marek = <3

  6. "We broke up."


  7. Nerds! “With their dungeons and chronicles of legends.” Love it!

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