#137 – souffle

18 thoughts on “#137 – souffle

  1. wow… is that the guy from nockForce? (just started reading. Thank you for the entertainment)

  2. Haha, Hannah brings the burnsauce in panel 4.

  3. Puget Sean's sideburns prove he has not brought back grunge too thoroughly. That's just too much grooming!

    1. Fwiw, person from 397 weeks ago, I read his comments about bringing back grunge too thoroughly as referring to those who followed his example uncritically taking things too far rather than him being too grungey himself, in which case it would make sense for him to be slightly more well-groomed.

  4. Puget Sean looks exactly like my exboyfriend, it's a bit unnerving, not gonna lie.

  5. That is Ian, motha' fuckin' Q., oh yea! Webcomic legend, that's for damn sure.

  6. "His science is tighter than a molecule's anus."


    1. I'm using this exact quote to describe everything that I like, lol.

  7. Puget Sean, because grunge started in Seattle which is on the Puget Sound?


  8. Anyone else notice that Marek's beard keeps disappearing and re-appearing in later comics? Not that much time is passing is it?

  9. Speak of the devil, it is him!

  10. I think I might add the prefix Puget to my name now (since my name is really Sean).

  11. I laughed hysterically at panel six.

    "He can make soap out of anything,"


    1. *she.

      Oh my, figured all her stoner pals were maleeee.

  12. Even dreams!

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