#108 – greatest life ever

15 thoughts on “#108 – greatest life ever

  1. This comic makes me giggle hysterically.

  2. I still cannot find a proper translation of the word "Mysko."

  3. in Polish: 'my little mouse'

  4. I love the expression on the doctor's face in the last panel.

  5. And how do you pronounce "Myszko" anyway?

    1. M like in 'mouse'

      Y like in 'gym'

      SH like in 'shade'

      K like in 'cat'

      O like in 'pot'

  6. So… Hanna had a broken comedic prop bone?

  7. "Greatest life ever"

    Love that panel.

  8. its spelled deus ex machina, with an a on the end not an e. its latin

    1. I think what Hannah was getting at is that she's capable of Deus Ex Machinas at will, and is effectively a Deus Ex Machine.

      Friggin awesome line. I may use that in real life, should God ever intervene in my day-to-day life.

    2. yeah that's the point. it was PUNNY.

    3. Plus, it sounds a little like "sex machine"

  9. Finally, a villain who is dealt with swiftly and effectively 😀

  10. richard schumacher

    Even dumber than God. Love it!

  11. Rereading my third time, and I just now realized that America is channeling a similar expression in panel 3 to Eve in the final panel of this page from the Valentine's arc.

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