#1021 + 1022 – all of it

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  1. A mysterious letter!

  2. I bet that enveloppe is from Ollie. And there's money in it.

    1. Better yet, an invoice!

      …wait a minute.

  3. All of it.

  4. Wow, I guess Hanna and Marigold just… never spoke 🙁

    Anyway, time to sort my reactions here:

    3) Awh Will and Eve are so happy together
    2) fuuuu, what are Marek and Hanna gonna talk about!?
    1) Mystery envelope!?

    1. Re: 1)

      From Olly, I bet.
      He called her Ning, right?

    2. Olly felt bad about burning down the store and leaving Eve in the lurch, so he’s gonna give her a cut of the insurance money to get herself something nice/start a new life!

    3. sadly, this happens sometime. Hanna's the guilty party here and she made no effort to reach out, while Mar isn't obliged to be the better person and do it first.

      I personally love this anticlimax and lack of resolution, and I hope there's no interaction between them at the last minute.

  5. Sometimes broken friendships don't get resolved, and sometimes relationships you want to work don't. Not everything has a clean, satisfying conclusion with closure. It's hard to tell before the end if this is the conclusion we're gonna receive, but I feel like that's the message being given in this story-line. I dunno if Hannah and Marigold will ever speak and reconcile by the end, or if her and Marek are gonna get back together, but it doesn't look like it, despite how much i want both of those things.

    At least it looks like Hannah will get some sort of closure with Marek.

  6. That smile in panel 7 means reconciliation.

    I hope.

  7. It's Park right? It's gotta be Park. Don't do this to me.

    1. Nah, It's Olly who always called her "Ning"

    2. Exactly my thoughts! Noooo!!!! o.0

  8. Thank goodness for that mystery envelope. I thought for sure we had come to the last page and I was Not Okay with that.


  9. Half the insurance money from Olly?

  10. For some reason I thought: Yup, Eve's apartment has mail all over the floor. Just like my apartment. Then I read the comments and realized the letter was significant.

  11. *With trembling hands, Eve opens the letter*

    "You must send this on in 3 hours after reading the letter to 10 different people. If you do this, you will receive unbeleveably good luck in love. The person that you are most attracted to will soon return your feelings. If you do not, bad luck will rear it’s ugly head at you. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! You have read the warnings, seen the cases, and the consiquences. You MUST send this on or face dreadfuly bad luck."

    1. Spelling mistakes included for free…

  12. Its from Olly. He always adressed her as "Ning"

  13. I bet its an envelope of cash–or a sorta-apology letter– from Ollie!!

    1) Park wouldn't call her "Ning" but Ollie does
    2) it looks hand delivered since it's addressed on the back, no sign of a stamp like normal.
    3) if he's trying to lie low he wouldn't send it through the regular mail

  14. Looks like Manuel doesn't hate Eve anymore. 🙂 http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-05-26/537-dead-for

    1. Or maybe it's because of Will 😀

  15. Oh no it's about to end I know it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :'(

  16. I wouldn't be disappointed if the strip ended right here. Perfect ending.

  17. At first I thought Hannah was flicking gum onto Marek's leg, which seemed a bit out of character/unfitting for the moment. Phone resolution! It's great.

  18. Considering that the first storyline of this comic was Eve being forced to move in with Hanna despite not really liking her or wanting anything to do with her, the first few panels here are really giving me the feels.

  19. Ah jeeze, that little innocent letter fills me with dread.

  20. Kitty says: You’ve got mail!

  21. Wow, so that's going to be the last time we see Hannah and Maerk isn't it?

    1. That's what I thought too… Those two little stickish figures fading off into the night in panel 9

    2. No! I didn't think of that… I wonder!

    3. Man, I sure hope not. I mean, it wouldn't be bad if it ended like this, but… a little bit more closure would be great.

  22. Does anyone else find it vaguely cyclical that Hanna and Marek are standing under a new Grocery store? I guess the idea is that there's new stories always there at every mundane little bodega you pass by… but none will ever be as good as this one anyway so fuck em

    1. Arlene's Grocery is a club, not an actual grocery store.

  23. Half of me-there is so much perfectly shown emotion in these pages. The lighting, the body language! The realness is amazing.
    Other half-Hanna, you goddamn litterer!

  24. Is it a job opportunity inside the envelope?

  25. I keep hearing the "Critical Stop" sound* in my head every time I see that "Ning" envelope on the floor!

    * https://youtu.be/LauYEoY2b7k


  27. Thank goodness for mutual friends, the previous page conversation between Hanna and Marek was getting awkward and picking at scabs that needed more time. We can only be so lucky to have such interventions at critical moments in our lives.

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