#537 – dead forever

May 26th, 2012

#537 – dead forever

Eve and Manuel are some of Marek’s favorite pets.

Thanks for waiting on comics, guys! I just finished the line art for the first issue of Marceline and the Scream Queens, which I am drawing and writing! No big deal. Except that I am SUPER CRAZY excited about it constantly.

Things may ebb and flow for a few months updates-wise, but it’ll be worth it. Stick around for some more updates next week!


Discussion (2)¬

  1. No one in our house can lie on the floor without saying "dead forever" and I just wanted to share that. That's all.

  2. Ziaheart says:

    At first I thought Eve was wearing socks. And then I noticed toes and I was like, when did she take off her socks? And then it was, oh, is she wearing toe socks? And then it was, Oh! She's wearing tights. Not socks.