#537 – dead forever

Eve and Manuel are some of Marek's favorite pets. Thanks for waiting on comics, guys! I just finished the line art for the first issue of Marceline and the Scream Queens, which I am drawing and writing! No big deal. Except that I am SUPER CRAZY excited about it constantly. Things may ebb and flow for a few months updates-wise, but it'll be worth it. Stick around for some more updates next week!

4 thoughts on “#537 – dead forever

  1. Meanwhile Marek knows that you have to let the cat come to you on his own terms, because Marek knows all.

  2. No one in our house can lie on the floor without saying "dead forever" and I just wanted to share that. That's all.

  3. At first I thought Eve was wearing socks. And then I noticed toes and I was like, when did she take off her socks? And then it was, oh, is she wearing toe socks? And then it was, Oh! She's wearing tights. Not socks.

  4. The duck has taught him well.

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