#1020 – hello everyone

I was not looking to answer the question of whether they could make it. But I wanted to leave the reader with a few things. The feeling is still there - of course it is - and they are different. Hanna is able, with great concentration, to be vulnerable. Marek is able to state plainly his intentions. They've grown up apart from one another, closer to the people they'll be. But it still remains that their differences are irreconcilable - that one of them would need to compromise - and so we have a pre-dawn standoff.

5 thoughts on “#1020 – hello everyone

  1. Will's face in the penultimate panel busted my gut

  2. It is past midnight and I finally caught up.

    I recently went through one of the hardest, fastest burning relationships of my life, and I feel like I am ruined. But this comic has given me so much perspective that my lack of experience would never allow me, and for that I am sincerely grateful, Gran.

    I'm glad I'll get to experience the last few pages of Octopus Pie's re-run with the rest of you. Even without the context of my own life, everything about the situations and personalities in this story have resonated with me deeply, and I appreciate the extra insight of your commentaries- especially those dealing with your personal life.

    That's all I have at the moment, aside from really digging Will giving Eve an accompanying back-beat. That's a cute detail of their relationship dynamic.

  3. I always imagined they got back together. There was a strip a little earlier where Hanna was imagining Eve and her having kids someday and them being friends. But maybe that was still just idol chatter, or there was more then just wanting children or not standing between them?

  4. I guess I'm a terrible person but I don't want them to make it. I want Hanna to find someone who is actually right for her, and the same for Marek. It is OKAY to not spend your entire life with your first true love*. I always read this as Hanna and Marek starting the extremely awkward process of moving on to just being friends. It takes a while and no, it's never quite as tight a bond as it once was, but it's a perfectly acceptable kind of relationship to have with someone who you like very much, but who is not quite right for you.

    *it's also totally OKAY to do so, if it's actually the right fit – here, it is not

  5. I just really wanted them to end up together.

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