#093 – joking

Oh yes, this is the doctor who said something horny/racist to Eve in the last story! He's alive and well, for now.

6 thoughts on “#093 – joking

  1. Is he also seated in the back, in Sexual Harassment Training?

  2. Is this the only time we see Marek act threatening towards someone? I think it might be. Okay, the ducks might have interpreted his enthusiasm as threatening when he was chasing them to catch one, but it wasn't his intent to look scary.

    1. I think it might be, there certainly can’t be many instances of it. I love that Marek loves Hanna so much the worry causes him to go all “OOC is Serious Business” on 5hat asrehole doctor.

  3. I've read and re-read this comic strip a million times and until this commentary I never realised this guy was the same guy from the bar in the previous storyline.

  4. My favorite Market moment!

  5. Mark is the best version of men.

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