#079 – so neutral

Eve, don't talk about your ex on a date! Good grief. Talk about something cool and romantic, like rocks and why Whole Foods sucks.

8 thoughts on “#079 – so neutral

  1. I remember someone saying that Will looks like Scott Pilgrim with a beard. Kind of reminds me of him in this comic

  2. Rocks rocks!

  3. I forgot how rock-oriented Will was.

    1. Can't blame you. I think we all did.

  4. "No more existential boyfriends!" lied Eve.

  5. I like Whole Foods' cheese selection and olive bar…

  6. something something just realized eve's shitty ex was introduced making a joke out of geology trivia to her discomfort but here it (geology trivia) is a romantic moment with will

  7. thegreatfireofrome

    I love the "slow and steady wins the race" theme to Eve and Will. Comes up again here: https://www.octopuspie.com/2008-09-12/194-based-o… I didn't connect that scene with this one the first couple times I re-read the comic throughout the years, or think the rock metaphor here meant something larger this early on, but ever since the fire conspiracy…

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