#047 – meaningless

15 thoughts on “#047 – meaningless

  1. I get two giant laughs each time I see this one.

    1. i get 6, one in each panel.

  2. No More Ms. Nice Dyk

    Oh…my…GOD. I think I love this– no, I KNOW I love this. 😀

  3. mand, this would be me in who knows when.

  4. I've found my new akward situation get-outer.

  5. this is genius

  6. Just keep channeling ducks, just keep channeling ducks

  7. i dont get it?

    Eve's face in the first panel <3

  9. Okay – Now you definitly got me hooked, this comic is awesome!

  10. Just started reading these… these are some of the best comics I’ve read in a while! Eve’s face lol

  11. Did she… just… slide away on one foot ice skate style while duck flapping?

  12. i love the new girlfriend's expression in the background while eve experiences some kind of englightenment.

  13. Look she's wearing a skirt!

  14. Anyone else notice James' nostalgia in the last panel..

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