#036 – belive in yourself

I thought a "#1 Dad" shirt was a pretty clever T-shirt idea that didn't exist in 2007, but surely like 500 people have done it since. I can't exactly say I regret not making bootleg Star Wars snark merch.

7 thoughts on “#036 – belive in yourself

  1. oooh are they on the 1 line?

  2. I still think about "Yeah, anyone can die" all the time.

  3. Love Eve's last panel deadpan, subtle snark at Hanna, but I can't tell if Hanna even notices …

  4. according to my therapist, this comic is the reason I’ve had a beard since I was able to grow one.

  5. hohoho, DS scribble conversations, good times

  6. I still think Marek's placid delivery in the second panel is one of the funniest moments in this strip

  7. She's so grumpy!! *swoon* Will's got the right idea.

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