Maybe I watched too many gangster movies in the 90s, but I've always been vaguely threatened by tight groups of men or women who relay messages among themselves, rather than addressing you directly - even if you're standing right there. It suggests both a deficiency in relational skills and a tight power structure that can not be challenged. Combine booze and nightlife and Mar lying about her age for an extra-special kind of danger.

9 thoughts on “OTSAN #12

  1. Fact: You can have a major falling-out with someone who once had your back, or vice versa. It happens! 🙁

  2. Love Mar’s face in the second panel.

  3. Something about Mar's expression in panel two is very Kate Beaton

  4. i love this story for so many reasons, but mostly because:

    -it really does explain why hannah thought of marigold the way she did far more
    comprehensively than the brownout biscuit arc

    -watching hannah try to guide marigold through danger like buttons and mindy from the animaniacs gets a very bleak laugh everytime

  5. The fact that what Hanna interrupted is too common for her to even address is chilling.

  6. This situation mystifies me. Is someone up for explaining the "dorm security" thing?

    I was at university right around this time. My college was extremely religious–opposite sex could visit the dorm between 2-8 on Saturday and 2-5 on Sunday, the "community standards" mandated no alcohol, no drugs, no sex–but this wouldn't have been a problem as long as you squared it with your roommate or your friend crashed in the lounge. In fact I remember a guy who was having trouble making tuition and crashed on a couch in the dorm of friends for like a month.

    And we didn't have a curfew or anything. So what is this whole thing? My school was rural. Maybe it's that this in New York?

    But even so the schools needs security at the "your fellow student cannot spend the night" level? I don't see how that is in the best interests of the students.

    1. My university was in the midwest, also rural. If you came back to the dorm after midnight, you all had to check in with your ID. It was only about underage drinking, not preventing fellow students from staying the night.

      1. GOT it! Marigold is too plastered to plausibly pass dorm security, is the issue here.

    2. My school was relatively chill, but my friends at a neighboring college had dorm security that would report them to the police if they showed up drunk after hours. So, of course, that meant that rather than go home and get written up after a night out, students would do even sketchier things like walking miles to a friend's house or going home with strangers or just staying out all night. It is an incredibly stupid policy.

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