octopus pie – what time is it

Here is comic. Sorry they've been coming so slow! I assure you it's only because I've been busy with comics! Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at Comic Con! Adventure Time and webcomic fans alike! I'm going to be in Toronto THIS WEEK doing a signing, and you ought to come by! I will be signing for my Adventure Time: Marceline & the Scream Queens series, though I will have a few Octopus Pie books to sign as well. And my awesome partner in guestitude is Dinosaur Comics/Adventure Time writer Ryan North! Oh my glob! Details: ADVENTURE TIME: MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #1 SIGNING! WITH MEREDITH GRAN AND RYAN NORTH! WEDNESDAY JULY 25TH, 2012 @ LITTLE ISLAND COMICS, 1PM-3PM @ THE BEGUILING, 6PM-9PM RSVP AT THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE!

3 thoughts on “octopus pie – what time is it

  1. The tattoo says "Ju Nim" pronounced "Joo Nyim". Or "Ning"? I can't tell if it's a circle or a square at the bottom of the second set.

    The meaning, I can't tell. It looks very much like Ju In Nim, which would be "Honorable Owner/Master", which is a martial arts title for a grandmaster…

  2. why are the people talking like text messages.

  3. Damn, so he's not going to get his ass kicked, but he went from hitting on a lesbian to hitting on a devout Christian. Not really Jacob's best weekend.

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