#544 – an actual basement

With rowhouses divided into a maximum amount of rental units, it's a rare thing to see either a basement or a back yard in Brooklyn. On top of that, it's totally unbelievable that a basement would go unfinished or underutilized in any way. That just seems like an extravagance.

4 thoughts on “#544 – an actual basement

  1. Hey–

    Huge fan, and I don't want to sound nitpicky, but I do get a bit offput by some of the commentary that makes blanket statements about Brooklyn that kind of ignores a huge chunk of the borough.

    A lot of Brooklyn is houses with yards and basements. I grew up in Mill Basin in a decent enough house and work in Canarsie with families who live in mostly two family homes. Once again, I get that your post and the strip are speaking to a specific sort of Brooklyn experience, but it's worth remembering that there are folks who are not millionaires who have houses in Brooklyn.

    1. You're right that there are communities where this culture hasn't permeated. I'm not trying to suggest it's a city of rich people – just an extremely hard place to plant your feet if you haven't been living in the same home for decades. Before leaving Brooklyn I explored East Flatbush and Mill Basin in hopes of finding a place to settle, and even there I found the creep of real estate speculation.

      Forgive me if the commentary is a bit pat – time is tight and I dash these thoughts off quickly.

  2. That's no basement, that's a CELLAR.

    …at best.

  3. I love Eve's face of Exotic Basement Delight. Those big eyes!

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