#543 – client relations

I would've liked to show more of Jane being unfriendly to people she considered pests, I think that would've been fun for all of us. The last panel is a cheap reference to a Weezer song about unrequited love for a lesbian.

2 thoughts on “#543 – client relations

  1. Teenage me really liked Pink Triangle; now I can't even listen without cringing

    1. I still enjoy it because it suggests to me that he was into her before realizing she was gay, making it feel like the whole song is about him going "crap, I'm such a dumbass!"

      When I think of songs about unhealthy obsessions, I feel like the best one of those I've heard is Jenny Owen Youngs' "Fuck Was I", which is way more about clearly expecting the other person to bear some responsibility for your affections, while to me Pink Triangle always read as him being like "oh shit whoops my bad!" but that might just be because I got into Weezer as I began exploring my own sexuality and legitimately had guy friends in this situation with me who were trying not to be creeps because they'd developed a romantic interest in me before realizing I was not swinging that way. ¯_(?)_/¯

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