octopus pie theater – election edition

I promise this is the only time I'll be non-canon political with you, folks. Today is an historic day, and the world is about to change. I think Barry-O and Joe will do a fine job of it, too, no matter what obstacles they face. If you didn't vote for Obama, I hope you voiced your opinion for your preferred candidate, and I hope you will continue to voice your opinion. We can't for a minute think our influence on our country ends here -- not when our soldiers are dying, our economy is in crisis, and our gay brothers and sisters are still being denied equal rights. We've got so much to do -- please stick around.

8 thoughts on “octopus pie theater – election edition

  1. I just started reading this. its one of my favorites, cause im black and all. but still…it means a lot to me. Thank you

  2. Go Coffee.

  3. Great that a person can still be judged based on the color of his skin.

    It doesn't matter what color his skin is, what matters is the content of his character. If being a decent, intelligent man isn't good enough, then him being black shouldn't swing the vote.

    1. The point is that he was elected *even though* he was black… definitely not BECAUSE he was. He's still being attacked based on his race, his father's birth country, and a slew of other totally non-relevant factors two years later.

      I don't think Dr. King would have been disappointed in the slightest.

      1. There are (atleast here in southern California) plenty of people who supported him/attacked people who did not support him purely because of his race. Racism is still prevelant, even among self-proclaimed liberals and progressives.

  4. GRAN BEATON 2020

    1. richard schumacher

      We Need Them
      Now More Than Evah

  5. I'm going back and re-reading all the comics, because for a long time I completely forgot about them and I love this comic so so much.

    This one hurts right now, with the current state of affairs. Gotta keep voicing our opinions and fighting for and to keep those rights.

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