#217 – godlike illusion

Holy epilogue -- that's it for this storyline! At just 17 pages, I think it was my ideal length. Just long enough to resolve everything and short enough to not feel like forever in webcomics time. Hope you like the next one, I'm pretty excited about it! Hint: It has something to do with slow descent into madness. I am going to offer the free buttons with every book 2-pack for another week. If you want 'em you got til next Friday. (or just order the buttons by themselves for 5 bucks!) Quite a few of you wrote to me about how you were moved by the post-election comic I posted yesterday. Thank you for your sincere thoughts! It was a pleasure to share some small part in the emotional experience this week has been. Oh right -- my birthday's next Monday! I'm turning 24. So close to rental car age. So close.

15 thoughts on “#217 – godlike illusion

  1. How is it possible that no one has commented about the joke in the second-to-last panel? I lol'd.

  2. but it wasn't a rock!

    it was a ROCK LOBSTER


    1. Aaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaah!

    2. Oooooo aaaaaa?

  3. Stoners be crackin’

  4. Reminds me of the time I saw a UFO….

  5. a traveling keytar playing lobster man?


  6. It's a fookin prawn!

    1. Mmm Sharlto Copley

  7. A true monument to the Rock Lobster

  8. omg this came out on my birthday 🙂

    1. happy birthday!

  9. That lobster is genuine. I think a lot of this comic is about being genuine.

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