octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 5)

Comic Con is OVER! Today I will drag myself to the airport and get back home to drawing! So that should be the last of the Mongo Minis. More comic-sized comics on Wednesday.

15 thoughts on “octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 5)

  1. Oh man, spasmic back quakes. I know that all too well with my own cat, hahaha.

  2. Oh good, I was sure it was just my cat who did that!

  3. the mongos were a whole heap of fun! I hope this marks a new trend in between-story and road-trip filler material.

  4. Nawww im gonna miss these… Please, please, PLEASE do more in the future… Not too distant I hope

    PS maxing you're credit card is one of the worst feelings ever

  5. I live in constant fear of someone not taking a card simply because of it's looks.

  6. I can't stop giggling at Manuel's face in panel 3!

  7. I'm gonna miss the minis too; the amount of suggestion you manage to get into these little strips is awesome. From Hanners in the bath to the girl suggesting that there are in fact many other people who dislike Eve's card… gold.

  8. Hahah, my cat definitely does that too.

  9. Thanks for being at the Con, Meredith! I got to meet you briefly (you signed two books for me and did a Mongo Mini cover) and it was great to put a face to the genius writing and amazing art that is Octopus Pie. =) See you next year!

  10. Panel two in Spasmic Back Quakes made me bust. I'm going to miss these minis, but am sort of happy to get back to the regular comics.

  11. Liking the "volume one" tag to this- maybe there will be more volumes in other busy times in the future?

  12. I've always wondered what causes those back quakes. Maybe fleas?

  13. Well, to be honest I was loving the minis. But regular comics are also cool, so thank you for everything! 🙂

  14. I'm so happy I got to meet you! :> Keep up the great work <3

  15. hahahahaha… I already said that to a customer once…

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