octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 4)

Con has me wiped! But what a show it's been so far. Just a few more of these minis -- hope you've enjoyed them!

30 thoughts on “octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 4)

  1. Love them minis. Give us more!

  2. good ol rock
    nothin beats that

    1. Paper beats rock.

      1. "… but paper covers rock… and scissors cut paper. Kif, we have a conumdrum."

        Sorry I couldn't help but think of that Futurama quote

        1. "They aren't even sharp, who could I hurt?"

          "The yarn people of Nylar 4!"

  3. i love these

  4. That middle one made me laugh so damn hard. I honestly didn't know where it was going. Genius.

  5. man these are great. also, reading the archives kept me up wayy past my bedtime

  6. I don't know why but these are in some ways more fun than the serial storylines…

    Like comic candies!

  7. I love ’em, more please!

  8. The second one.

    Oh God the second one.

    1. yes! so very clever and awesome

    2. it completely passed over my head T^T

  9. There are very few times where I physically laugh at a webcomic.

    "WHO FARTED" was one of those times.

  10. The second one owns. Wnat. I'm loving the hell out of these.

  11. Or, "Missed ConVections"

    1. Ah, I see what you did there. 😉

  12. man, the first one lost me an argument about roofs or decks. but not really, because with mini comics, everyone wins!

  13. All three of these are my favourites.

  14. OH MY GOD

    "missed connections" is great

    i love hannah

  15. Minis are maximum fun!

  16. Those mongo minis were delightful. As much as I enjoy the regular strip I hope that you'll have more interruptions like this in the future.

  17. FINALLY. I was waiting for Will to show up in one of these. <3

  18. Loved you at the panel and good luck with the booth!

  19. Ahhh Will and his rock climbing… That's dedication right there

    tee hee hee

    1. There's a big black rock in (south) Central Park just like that. I'm only surprised he didn't find a Hot Dog stand…

  20. These are great! So much inner thought contained in such a short strip. Or am I overthinking these? lol

  21. As a Minnesotan, I approve of the second strip.

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