octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 3)

After a very long and sleepless (but nonetheless exciting) journey, I've arrived in San Diego! See many of you at Preview Night, I hope! Remember, I'll be at booth 1335 with Dumbrella. And I'll be on the Dumbrella panel on Thursday at 1:30 in Room 3. We'll talk about the good stuff.

40 thoughts on “octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 3)

  1. The last one made me giggle in a really geeky way. I love these! They are like tiny…bullets of…humor and joy.


    So there!

    1. The last one made me giggle like a little girl for over ten minutes.

    2. Oh god, I too have been accused of being a male medusa while on the train.

      By family no less.

  2. Awww, poor .. … .. um, what's her name again? The medusa lady? I completely forget and she's not in the cast page. Darn.

      1. Yay thanks! I really like her as a character, I just .. forgot her name..

  3. Marigold!
    Aw, I knit on trains too. Hooray.

  4. Awww, poor Mari! 🙂

    LOVE Eve's expression in the first one. A giraffe vibe, indeed… 😎

  5. if you make the last two inspirational posters, i will buy them.

    1. Agreed. Especially about Hanna’s poster.


  7. Hannah’s poster made me laugh/ 😀

  8. Fantastic!

    Also, I would totally hang a “Things could be better” poster on my wall, haha!

    1. Same here. That poster is perfect for all us cynics.

    2. I would bring it to work. I am 90% sure that my work would be cool with a poster like that.
      And I would be SO willing to take a 10% risk for a poster like that.

  9. These have been awesome. Are you going to do more while actually at SDCC? Can't imagine how you could focus in that cacaphony, but I'm learning not to misunderestimate you. 😉

  10. I want an "if it moves kill it" poster

  11. A more common response to dreadlocks, from my experience:
    “I HAVE TO TOUCH YOUR HAIR *touch touch touch*”

    😐 not even joking

  12. Marigold should've stabbed that lady with one of her knitting needles.

  13. FFFFFF!, indeed.

  14. I don't really get the first one..what's with the vibrating animals?

    1. Please tell me you are not really needing this explained… anyone ELSE want to be the big bad wolf about this? Because I’ll bet very few people get this info along with “the birds & the bees” talk.
      OH, I KNOW!


      That was easy.

      1. So it's sexual? I didn't want to assume it was..seemed too simple and I didn't want to be sophmoric about it if I was wrong. I have this habit where I assume everything is somehow fodder for a sexual joke. I still think that 90% of things are. You should have seen me during lectures about the Autonomic Nervous System and the Peripheral nervous system. The abbreviations are PNS and ANS. My Professer didn't think that was funny. I still thought it was hilarious.

        1. Your professor is WRONG.

        2. David Waltergart

          When your nervous system builds up too great a feedback wave it spills out in an autonomic or learned expression such as "MMmmPhWAaaaaughHahahahaha, Waaaaaaugh ha ha ha ah oh, God, I can't stop…"

          Your prof should have understood. What a stiff.

      2. Heh, I thought that link was comeaseasyasyouare.com before I clicked on it!

  15. I have most definitely pulled a "I have to touch your hair!" on someone with dreads. I had been friends with them for awhile first, though, and also I was quite drunk.

    1. I associate the "I can't help touching your hair" with ecstasy users at dance clubs. The height of tedium, and one of the many small pleasures of having left the scene (and finally cutting of the hair) is to live without this social faux pas.

      Mind you, now I get told my waxed moustache makes me look "French"…

      1. dude. waxed moustache? awesome.

  16. each one starts pretty much normal and ends up insane
    just love it
    i had a similar “hairy” situation with a little boy, his dad and me in an elevator
    boy: daad? is this guy a villian?
    dad: no son, he just has REALLY long hair.
    thanks hollywood. here is a hand gesture specificly made for you.

  17. The only appropriate response to the shark dildo is "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

    1. You owe me another coffee as I you have just made me spit mine back out, sir!

      Well played.

      1. That’s “you”, not “I you”…

        My keyboard hates coffee…

  18. i saw medusa at whitecastle once

    true story

  19. I just wanted to say these minis kick ass. They're so cute too! It's great how add to the characters in addition to being super funny. I hope we see more in the future!

  20. Where did Eve get that hospital bed?

    1. its her bunk bed

      1. Please tell me Meredith has sent this to one million giraffes (http://olahelland.net/giraffes/)

        1. Crikes. Wrong place. Sorry.

  21. Ack! Arty hipster giraffe vibrator!

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