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Hi all! Lately I've been busy working on the next storyline, doing up holiday store items, and planning my holiday trips. But in the meantime, here is a one-shot comic I hope you'll enjoy! By the way, do you live in Portland, OR or a city nearby? My studiomates Aaron, Luke and I are having an open house on Saturday, December 5th, and it's open to all! Merch will be for sale, schmoozing will be had, and you can see where and how I get my cartooning done. We'll also be joined by some awesome guests. Check the poster for all the details:

RSVP on Facebook if you wanna go! It's going to be lots of fun, so I hope to see some of you there.

32 thoughts on “corn pops

  1. Damn, I remember those commercials. Insane. I also remember being in high school at lunch switching around the first letters of cereals, hence making Corn Pops, Porn Cops. One of my teachers was behind me when I yelled it out enthusiastically.

    1. As a Purdue Alum, my favorite was always Purdue University = Undue Purversity

      You need to throw the extra i away, though.

  2. Great strip–lack of cereal equals great drama! And if only the "schmoozing" part of the open house was "boozing" then I could definitely see a road trip from Eugene in Decembrrr…

    1. boozing is welcome, BYOB.

    2. Now I just sound like an alcoholic :/

      1. If the bottle fits…

  3. LOL! I think this comic might have been too funny.

    "So what if I don't have a hangover to nurse! Having no Pops is a fate worse than ALCOHOL POISONING!"

    I hope that's fan commercial I smell.

  4. It looks like Aaron is sticking a pencil up his nose. 😀

  5. Hmmmm, perhaps Eve & co.'s next batch of homebrew will be Corn Pop flavored.

  6. So that's why Marek is always so cheerful : he has dramas all the time, but he internalizes them.

  7. We don't have the fancy cereals that you have have in Spain… Trix is for kids, but only American kids! D:

    Daw… you make such a cute Link! The puns and the pixels in that poster have taken me to my happy place! X3

    I love how Erika Moen is holding a dildo!

  8. Haha! Great nostalgic twinge there. Plus, isn't Kix what moms prefer?

  9. Wait, no: "kid tested, mother approved."

  10. This comic is as close to a Proustian moment as I'll probably ever have. I had completely forgotten about these commercials, then…bam. Instant memory recovery.

  11. BAHAHAHA. This is why I love Marek SO MUCH.

  12. This is why Marek keeps on being the hero of Octopus Pie for me. Corn Pops always had the better cartoon mascot, though. Wasn't Kix's just that your mom wanted you to eat it?

  13. I want Corn Pops so fukken bad now. WANT WANT WANT but it's 00:24 and I can't get any!



    great strip.

  14. You actually made me buy Cornpops today. See what you did!

  15. Corn Pops is actually the best cereal to ever grace God's green earth. Smacks are a close second.

  16. HAH! I remember when they were called SUGAR Pops! Back before the cereal companies all decided that "sugar" was bad and changed all the names to "Honey" and "Golden" and "Rice" and "Corn." Honey Smacks, my ass.

    Yes, I'm middle-aged.

  17. And now corn is evil, too.

  18. I always felt pity for those crazed Pops kids. They're like meth addicts.


  20. In your open house promo, is Erika Moen holding a pink dildo? Never knew they had those in A Link to the Past.

  21. This is very well done. It captured the tone of the original ads exactly.

  22. I think more people would come to your open house if you put aaron diaz in a dunk booth

  23. Hoho! I remember these commercials on the American channels. The CBC didn't have as much cartoons to show as you guys did.

  24. Corn Pops are simply the best. And actually Kix would be my second fav.

  25. We don't even have Corn Pops in the UK anymore. I miss them so much =(

  26. big gulps, alright!

    …welp, see ya later!

  27. Should have made it waffles…, make it eggos and have them fight over the last one lol

  28. Man, KIX is the SHIT!!

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