#998 – america jones

This is another abandoned story concept I slipped in at the end. I wanted America Jones to return and join forces with Eve in athletic competition, but the story (and the trend of roller derby) grew stale in my mind. Still, she remains a popular character, emblematic of that early-era goofiness in the series. Her last hurrah was something (again) current in the moment, but now pretty dated. What would AJ be up to now? Probably a lot of worm-brained tweeting.

5 thoughts on “#998 – america jones

  1. I always got a kick out of just how aggressively AJ demands that Eve notice her aura of cooperative energy (and adaptive coping skills to boot). "Look at how non-threatening I am! Look!!!"

  2. Sadly, that type of street conflict is becoming topical once again. 🙁

  3. Really wish nazi punching hadn't become "dated". Many still need to be punched.

  4. Punching nazis is eternal.


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