#999 + 1000 – bearded child

I wish I'd done the "disappearing" calling card over 2 panels... so it goes.

I don't think it was intentional, but Will and Hanna are essentially wearing the same outfit, looking more than ever like twins. It's kind of perverse! But they're finally settling into what they are to each other, being in a state of permanent familial concern and nastiness.

It's rare to see Hanna blush. It sort of completes the turn to Eve's former role. But that's good, right? She's never been so vulnerable, and she's never had to deal with that feeling.

9 thoughts on “#999 + 1000 – bearded child

  1. Idk if it's good, it seems like everyone's sort of being a dick to Hanna across the board. And she put together such a good rager!

  2. I remember being so sad at the calling card fading away. Like you said about the last comic I associated America Jones with the zany earlier adventures of the group. Seeing her card disappear felt a visual metaphor for their younger and whimsical lives fading into memory. I don’t know if it was intentional but it totally triggered a childhood’s end kind of nostalgia.

    1. Does it really disappear into the ether? I could never tell if it's fading away or if it's just a transparent card.

  3. The difference between the original strip and now is that I've run enough live music events to know that Hanna's behaviour is completely justified here. CHECK THE GODDAMN LEVELS WILL

  4. “expert inciter” in the two most controversial fonts!

  5. I remember defending Hanna's reaction on this page when it was originally posted. I know how it feels to spend all night keeping an event going by yourself, switching the trash when it's overflowing, refilling the drink dispensers, swapping out the keg, fixing the music, etc… only to have your co-host claim the party is on "autopilot" while you're the one piloting it – maddening!

    1. Agree that Hanna's behavior here is totally defensible. Will's being useless and then, when called on it, acts like a dick. Over the course of about five or six pages, Hanna takes several metaphorical punches to the face. Marek, Will, Marigold and Jane … that she holds some responsibility for the situations that led to some or all of these punches doesn't change that punches hurt.

      1. +1 for admitting that Hanna isn't entirely innocent here. Will's remark about her pushing people is not exactly wrong.

  6. “Uh…’Merica” is a highly underrated joke.

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