#992-994 – the last generation

THE PARTY BEGINS. Just a heads up, I'll be exhibiting at MoCCA Fest in NYC on April 1-2! I'll have all 4 OP Image volumes plus some minis and B9 Kingdom books! As always you can bring stuff you'd like me to sign. Hope to see you there!

49 thoughts on “#992-994 – the last generation

  1. "Yeah, alright. Gwen, that's a nice baby, buuuuuuuut… Where is my Heroes season 2 box set?"

  2. I was howling at 'semi-recurring characters'. Bless you, Meredith.

    Also, I think this is now my new favorite strip in the series, even if we're nearing the end.

    1. Crap, is that official? Cuz, it definitely feels like its ending…

      1. 'fraid so

        1. I would assume 6 pages to go, so maybe three updates. That's partly just based on 1000 being a cool number to end on, though.

        2. NOOOOOOOOO

    2. Wait — wot's all this then? It's ending? Says who, and when?

      Also, what awesome thing is Meredith doing next?

      1. Meredith herself said there was already an ending planned. But I don't remember hearing much about it since she joined Patreon.
        It seems pretty evident to me that a conclusion isn't far away, but I could be wrong.

  3. panel 6 eve is my spirit animal

  4. I've felt like a junkie the past week. I've been checking 3, sometimes 4 times a day waiting for the comic to be posted.

  5. I enjoy that that cowboy hat just spontaneously appeared in order to sing Wild Wild West (which is also 100% a song I would pick for a party because I am a weird)

    1. He's a cartoon character. He pulled it out of hammerspace. Next you'll be wanting to know how their eyes get as big as volleyballs.

      Meredith, you got me to google around for baby sling positions and hip dysplasia: when my son was little, his mother became convinced forward-facing carriers are significantly worse for babyhips than chest-facing ones. I have disabused myself of this notion and am relieved I never impulsively lectured any other parents about this TERRIBLE THING they were not, as it turns out, doing to their sprog. Whew!

  6. If I knew nothing else about Eve and overheard her asking Gwen if she believed in the badness of saying "shit" around her baby, I would still want her to be my best friend.

  7. Is that Victor in the first panel top right corner???

    1. It definitely is!!

    2. I love that we all love Victor as much as the characters do.

    3. Whaaaaaaaat???????? =O

    4. IT'S VICTOR!!!!

  8. Meta jokes, Spinal Tap references, Wild Wild West, and Eve being… well, Eve. It's strips like this that just make a whole crappy week suddenly feel like a distant memory.

  9. they are definitely performing "wow wow" aren't they

  10. I love the colours on this page <3 and the whole script is just amazing, as usual X3
    Plus I like how Eve touches the baby's tiny hand with such a look of awe, it's super cute <3

  11. Yep, music is ephemeral bullshit and great because of it, and babies are the life of the party!

  12. Larry looking especially babelike

  13. It's almost ridiculous how happy this strip made me. 🙂 😀 xD :p ^_^ <3

    (Incidentally, I never use emojis — I'm just not an emoji kind of guy (read old as fuck). So those all count double.)


  15. Larry is going to heaven for SURE

  16. Maybe a dumb question but is Jackie formerly Jacob?

  17. I was about to complain that there's no way a single keyboard and bass would be able to recreate the "I Wish" sample that Smith uses for "Wild Wild West," but then I checked "Wild Wild West," and the only part of "I Wish" the song samples (other than the hook) is the first few measures, which is pretty much a bass and a keyboard, with a drum part that could be replicated by a keyboard. So BIG points for verisimilitude here!

    Unfortunately, an equally big number of points deducted for inspiring me to listen to "Wild Wild West."

    1. I just hear it to the tune of Kool Moe Dee's "Wild Wild West" and that makes me happy.

  18. a m a z i n g

  19. I am in denial of this ending. Night all, happy happy new page!!

  20. Who are the semi-recurring characters in Panel 1? The only one I recognize is Ugly Jack, but I'm terrible at recognizing semi-recurring characters.

    1. Greg is in the bottom corner and above him is Sean. That's presumably Chris at the bottom.

  21. umm…where is Rock Lobster?

    1. His planet needed him.

    2. And the girl who merged with her car?

  22. Party for EEEEEEEVE I wish I was there !!

  23. I'm glad for Eve that her friends are re-connecting with her, but I'm curious if she'll ask why they didn't invite her to the wedding. I mean, I'd still be pretty hurt over that.

  24. I'm so glad that eve-will is an official thing and it's all good and im so happy.

  25. Mouth moooooods ?

  26. I loved the ("who?") – it's just too real. No matter how much you try to throw a party full of people there to celebrate one person, there will always be tagalongs and also-inviteds who have no idea who that person is. I once had a birthday party where fully a quarter of the people who came I either barely knew or didn't know at all.

  27. I can feel the end coming, and it feels like I'm about to be born. Once this comic ends us readers will have to find our footing out in the world.

  28. What is "where is the bowery" referring to?

  29. Qudoba Mexican Grill

    That baby is thoroughly unimpressed.

  30. That baby looks chill as fuck

  31. The semi-reoccuring characters gave me a big laugh! Let's see . . . There's Victor (octopie fan favorite),Clark the reporter,Jack the coffee guild lumberjack,Puget Sean with his haircut (still seems new to me),I see a snipet of Greg (one of Eve's old friends),Chris (another one of Eve's old friends with the oval glasses),that girl who was famous from taking pictures of her privates (she has the headband), and . . . I'm not sure about the other blonde girl and the guy (?) with freckles? Or that guy with the moustache?

  32. GWEN'S BACK, YAAAAAY! Oh, this makes me so happy and hopeful, I'm gonna cry

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