#989-991 – good to let it out

Continuing to make sense of the mystery of our mothers. In an upset, Eve sort of gets what she really wants, in the way she always has. She still wants more from Dawn - something that transcends their original bond - but there is no more. It is the whole truth. But the past is ever open to interpretation, and the present is a gift. She and her mother are alive, fully formed, and washing dishes at the same time.

8 thoughts on “#989-991 – good to let it out

  1. Dawn Ning. Nice.

    1. I am so dense. This is my second read through OP. Never caught the Dawn/Eve naming relationship. And now the "Dawn/Eve Ning" thing too.

      1. Eve's brother's nickname is Mor.

        1. That they were named after mountains emblematic of the "Old World" (Everest) and "New World" (Rushmore) was a nice extra as well.

        2. The double-pun in Everest Ning and Rushmore Ning, I may never get over how good it is.

  2. "Is there anything better than moms?"

  3. It would probably help Eve's case if she could coherently articulate what it is she's looking for, but it's a tough thing to put into words. The need to have your parents see you as a fully-formed human being that's a separate entity from the child they remember, and to have them relate to you on an adult-to-adult level is something that a lot of people struggle with. And frankly, something that I'm not sure many parents are fully capable of.

  4. I have a question: what is the complete name of Eve's father? Her mother is "Dawn Ning", her brotehr is "(Rush)Mor(e) ning" and Eve's complete full name is "Eve(rest) ning". So, did Eve´s father also have a hidden joke on his name?

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