#992-994 – the last generation

A few rare cameos in panel 1 are Jane's old cafe crew, Victor the couch sitter, and Eve's non-boyfriend who has her number.

In my comics journey I've generally been advised against musical numbers, but I can't resist, and I keep on trying. Music as an act of trolling is a big theme in this story, so if it plays out artlessly, can I REALLY be held responsible? I mean, whatever. I will go down with this ship.

There's tons going on visually in this sequence, but my eye always lingers on Will's dirtbag boyfriend looks, and Eve's eye-popping over the baby. I never attempted to answer the question of whether Eve or Will could be parents - it was never even asked - but naturally I think about it now. I think they could do it, folks. The way they learn to take on the chaos of the world together is exactly what is needed. Seeing them so free and naive about children here is almost a prerequisite to that sort of adventure. Their lives beyond OP still unfold very easily in my mind. It's a nice thought, true or not, that I might someday have room in my life to capture it.

10 thoughts on “#992-994 – the last generation

  1. izzat victor i see in the first panel??

    also the shock and awe of catching up with someone on a far different trajectory than you never really ends, does it? it's one thing to feel out paced, a completely different thing to catch a glimpse into a totally different series of life choices. being in my late twenties i am expecting the shock of seeing a friend get married or have a kid is going to wear off, even if i can't imagine it right now. for the time being eve's reaction is too on point.

  2. That baby's on Tiktok. Don't tell me otherwise.

  3. Meredith, pls satisfy the curiosity of a gazillion OP readers and confirm that's actually Victor in the first panel with the moustache and dark glasses.

    Also I have shamelessly used the facebook line in the last panel on numerous occasions with babies or dogs.

    1. I actually think the guy BEHIND that guy is more likely to be Victor. He has the right hair.

  4. Beautiful lighting effects in every panel here.

  5. Also seen in the cameos page:
    – Chris
    – Greg
    – Louise C. Pantry (blocking most of Greg's face)

    Nice to see that the nerds appear to be getting along with Puget Sean and his girlfriend! They've come a long way since the laser-tag arc.

    I had confused the troublesome friend with Clark the New Yorker writer…Eve does seem to have a thing for guys with short dark hair and glasses.

  6. Great to see Jack didn't die in that explosion! http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-03-12/522-unresolvhttp://www.octopuspie.com/2012-03-24/526-never/

    And you made the Victor cameo canon! Thank you Meredith!!! We knew he couldn't have been truly gone forever.

  7. They just wanna go back
    Back to 1999
    Take a ride through their old neighborhood.

  8. Haha "I will go down with this ship." I see you, musical troll Meredith. 🙂

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