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  1. Pathmark was a supermarket chain in the Northeastern United States. The chain was started in 1968 when a member of the ShopRite retailer's cooperative broke away to go into business for itself, Pathmark stores were liquidated and closed in 2015 following the bankruptcy of its parent company The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. There are currently no Pathmark Supermarkets in operation.

  2. It's incredibly depressing to plan for all-you-can-eat cookies and instead find stale muffins.

    1. Could be she made some in some weird attempt to have continuity in her life.

  3. Mobby and Dabby lobe you, Ebe.

  4. For me, it would be the "Almacs" grocery store.

  5. Three e-mails. Welp. Sounds like someone has priorities, I guess.


  7. Mobby pls

  8. This was overpoweringly emotional.

    To learn that the Pathmark I used to shop at when I visited home no longer exists.

    Time *is* the fire in which we burn.

  9. I've always been such a fan, but this is the first one that hurt me.

    You never stop wanting, even when you realize it never will.

    1. A lot of you guys sure miss Pathmark, huh?

      1. Almost as much as we miss Pavement.

  10. Hmm… My mom still say "Woolco" instead of "'Wal-Mart". The last Woolco in Canada closed in 1994.

    1. Mine does the same! Also, every single corner store is a "dutch boy" and the old Bi-Way that became a Giant Tiger in the 90s is still bi-way to her. I do NOT get it.

  11. A and P here. Grew up across the street from one. The muffins are most likely from a store that used to be a Pathmark, which the locals probably still call the Pathmark.

    OTOH, I called my father today to wish him a happy 84th birthday. He didn't realize today was the 21st, and then asked if I would be coming by again this week.

    I live over 500 miles away, and haven't been able to visit for 2 years. One of my brothers is 40 miles away and visits every other week or so.

    [sigh] =/ :'(

  12. Haha, love how Imagination-Eve's mom is thinking entirely about Eve's worst experiences from her past (which aren't particularly bad). ALL of the idealized-imaginary versions of our parents are so understanding.

  13. oh haha! i worked at pathmark when the parent company which also had A&P went bankrupt. it was rebranded as an Acme and i got a lot of red shirts and black aprons and looked like a demon vegetable butcher.

  14. They didn't close, but…

    When I was a teen, my family moved from Kentucky to New Jersey. We discovered the local grocery chain was called Acme. We thought this was hilarious bc Wile E. Coyote.

    I suspected something was amiss when Eve says "I am fully an adult" and was satisfied to see the fade out from fantasy to reality… the One of the things I love about Octopus Pie is that, unlike the vast expanse of webcomics that are about how dang amazing it is to be in your 20s and living 20s melodrama, OP is about 20s melodrama and is A) actually GOOD and A sub1) insightful. I remember feeling old, wise, and experienced at 20 bc I had seen a few turns of the darkness and futility of human behavior. More years and more turns reveals the shallowness of that perspective, but the intense experience of seriousness, the feeling of certitude, is real within the context of limited experience. A few more turns of increasing experience brings more wisdom, one aspect of which is the tendency to stop taking oneself so dang seriously.

  15. How is Merideth so good at drawing hands?? Look at panel two! LOOK AT THAT MAJESTIC HAND

  16. Huh, I wonder if that's an accurate representation of what Eve's Mom (does she have a name?) looks like now or if it's just part of Eve's cathartic fantasy. I recall the Eve-Mom looking a bit younger than that last time we saw her, but I think that was around 2008 or 2009 or so. Always makes me wonder whether the comic is supposed to be real time (10 real years=10 comic years?) or not. A question I expect will never be answered, which is kind of cool.

    Ever shall I imagine my face full of chewed up cookie when imagining me up some "understanding porn" like Eve here.

    1. To answer your question, Eve's mother is named Dawn.

      I found it here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Webcomic/Oc

  17. Someone please help me, I started reading Octopus Pie on Tuesday evening… it is now Friday 2:40 am and I'm all caught up. I fear withdrawal syndrome.


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