#983 – stability

23 thoughts on “#983 – stability

  1. a flashback is coming! Gotta bring my popcorn (and tissues) next time

  2. next prescott niles

    Can I be the person this time who mentions how great-looking the coloring is?

  3. I am excited to see the entirety of that banner with Eve's face on it.

  4. Those scissors just went right on through her pants, huh?

    1. And just like the Hanna we know, she probably won't give a damn.

      That, or stick a finger in it and pretend she has a worm in her left bun and try to poke people with it.

  5. A character thing I appreciate: as Meredith has gone more down the path of subtle, naturalized dialogue for most of the cast, Hanna remains more or less as stylized as she was a few years ago. It's kind of awkward to read her dialogue now, but it seems totally authentic that Hanna would just talk like a weirdo.

    1. I feel the same way about Hanna regarding the art.

  6. don't sit down, Hanna

  7. of course Hanna's scissors poke out of the bottom her pocket, I love it

    1. I'm thinking it's not an accident. She's just using the pocket as an alternative tool belt. (Not a Trump joke. I honestly interpreted it that way.)

  8. Ah dang, I never stopped to realize that Olly's going up in smoke would be a huge detriment to Hanna's business. If the coffee shop goes under too…

    1. Did Hanna sell to Olly's? I don't remember that

      1. They have had a tumultuous business relationship since '08: http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-07-09/167-bleary-e

        Though I am unsure if they ever stopped it.

  9. I think Will is disappointed about therapy ending. I get it. You were making so much progress, and then it ends because of finances. It sucks. Now you have to move on with your life with what you learned by yourself. It's hard, but it's better in the end.

    1. pretty sure that's a subtle reference to ACA/Obamacare ending under the new regime.

      1. Unlikely, seeing as the law hasn't been repealed yet, and people who signed up for Obamacare will get it through 2017 at least. Also, my insurance never covered basic therapy and counseling, not even during the year I had Obamacare.

  10. One of my favorite things about this comic is that though none of the characters directly represent me, I see so many aspects of myself in so many of them, and can empathize with those who I don't.

  11. I thought Hanna has insurance through the bakers' union? Can't Will get that? Why're you holding out on Will, Hanna

    1. It might be more of a guild arrangement, where you have to put in a certain number of hours working before you can become a member. And even then, Will would have to be paying his union dues on top of his insurance, and he might not be in a place where he can do that yet.

  12. What is breathing in Eve's bag??

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