#983 – algorithmic dystopia

I spent way too much time assembling Hanna and Jackie's lines in the first panel. A term I've heard recently and find relevant is "accelerationist pop": SOPHIE, PC Music, Chari XCX, Hannah Diamond, et al... music with a grotesque infantile nature that, in its imitation of a capitalist reality, attempts to look beyond one. Not quite the same as covering pop hits from the 90s, but grappling with the same amused horror at our depleted past and a horizonless future. Eve and Will are a little bit of hope in the fog, finding each other if nothing else.

7 thoughts on “#983 – algorithmic dystopia

  1. Eve's muppet face will never not make me smile.

    I think I posted it the first time around, but this one always reminds me of http://www.octopuspie.com/2009-01-28/251-a-horrib
    Just goes to show how long these two have been able to make each other laugh, and the closeness they find in that connection. Only this time, they're both ready/able to hold onto it.

  2. This page always makes me happy when it comes along during rereads. No drama, no worries, just two people who've realized that it's good to be (relatively) young and in love.

    Also I like that Will is doing like 90% of the work while the actual band stands around and bitches about their gig.

  3. man it totally went over my head how condescending jackie and hannah were being to eve (and to an extent hannah's) friends the first go around, lmao

    1. If anyone's a Nickelodeon rememberer in this strip it's Hanna, not that that would stop her being condescending to anyone else of course 😀

  4. Panels 2-5 show a lot of energy which prankster Eve brings to Will. I really get a feeling for them here, and I'm enjoying it.

  5. Can I ask about the last panel? It seems to just…sit there. You rarely waste a panel like that, so what am I missing?

    1. In the ""biz"" this is known as an aspect-to-aspect panel transition, it's generally used to create mood in a single moment where time stands still. Sorry for the technical answer lol – whether the panel succeeds is up to you. 🙂

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