#984 – stability

Will and Hanna working together was never meant to be ideal, and I focused way more on the emotional journey of that decision than the nitty-gritty of the job (but hey, so did Mad Men). Will has only begun to know how to work on himself, let alone advocate for his material needs, and he might be distressed to learn that the struggle never ends.

4 thoughts on “#984 – stability

  1. Weird observation…Hannah's scissors are poking through her pants pocket.

    1. Pockets are a tricky business when your hips are literally two inches from waist to crotch

      1. So, what we're seeing is someone who is actually built to wear those tiny pockets on womens' pants?

  2. At first I was wondering why Will couldn't go through the bakers' union to get insurance. Then I remembered that even "Ultra Choice Platinum Deluxe With Sugar on Top" plans tend to cover fewer therapy sessions than can be counted on your fingers (maybe also toes if you're really, really lucky) per year.

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