#979 – time to get up

45 thoughts on “#979 – time to get up

  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

  2. Total 2016 bullshit.

  3. Mer, no pun intended, but you're killing me here …

  4. ohhhhh whhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. Holy hell this hit close to home. The editor at the paper I work at died suddenly Friday. This was essentially everyones response

  6. That is a good color of that feeling

  7. 2016 returns to take one more from us.

    Fuck you, 2016.


    1. Damn. Jane is going to kill him now that he's dead :/

    2. "I'll KILL you if you die."

      Oh boy.

    3. oh, I didn't noticed those past failures hanging on the wall, priceless!!!
      (Thanks for the reminder)

    4. oh my goodness thank you for this. I had such a kick out of reading through the old guild arcs.

  9. Shit just got real 🙁

    1. Like, 2016 real :c

  10. Oh nooo! All their "fathers" are, er, being moved aside? Let go? So they may continue their own paths?
    Mike was quite a lovely character, and it's sad to see him go, but…"What kind of 2016 shit is this" is too appropriate XD

  11. I can't believe Mike was secretly 2016 all along.

  12. wait WHAT.

  13. Isn't Mike in his thirties? I guess that's an appropriate age to pass on when the rest of the cast is all still in their twenties…

    1. I think Mike is/was way older than in his thirties. I'd always assumed sixties at least.

      1. I believe its explicitly mentioned that he's only a thirty-something, which to the rest of the cast may as well be a sixty-something. But I could be wrong, and I don't have time to do research. Let's just call these some alternative facts.

  14. Jane. Time to get up

  15. What are the chances that he's just sleeping?

    He can't just die, right?

  16. Life moves pretty quick. RIP Mike

  17. Reminds me of Marshall's line in How I Met Your Mother when he finds out his Dad just died. "I'm not ready for this." You always knew it was an inevitability, but could never bring yourself to prepare for it.

  18. Holy shit. Well, he did talk about not being around forever. Seems like he had a good life from what we saw.

  19. fuck 2016… I hope he isn't dead since then D:

  20. I was half-guessing at this from our view of him last strip, but was all “Nah, Meredith wouldn’t…”

    Nasty, and definitely hits home for me. My boss is a sweet, avuncular man, who is also in quite poor health, and fairly old as well.


  22. Welp, on the plus-side Jane's boots are super cute.

  23. Last year, I've walked in on my pet turtle for 25 or so years and found him dead in his sleep too. Never easy to deal with this feeling.

  24. Come to think of it, did we even find out if Ollie’s still alive?

  25. Sheeeeit, I read all the strips from the very beginning in a week, and it's "2016 death strip". My luck.

  26. As it happens, I just sat down and read the "Dead Forever" PB last weekend. This is a chance for Eve to return to the society of baristas, isn't it?

  27. Big. Ugly. Tears.

  28. This does make me think of a very sad, personal experience.
    One of my best friends passed on, in a sort-of similar way.
    He was one of the most jovial, accepting, and kind people I've ever met.

    Unfortunately, he had an unknown health problem, + he passed on, suddenly, in his 30s.
    For a while, it kind of left me with a feeling of: "Oh DAMMIT, no! I still had things to learn from you! Please wait. I still wanted us to spend good times together. Teach me how to be as kind and patient as you are! [no. It's all over.]……..oh crap."

    1. That was basically me with my father. I’d graduated college, started working, come back to NYC, and was just getting to know him. Got on the subway to go to his 60th birthday party, and found an empty house, with just a couple of future-BiLs to relay the bad news (everyone else had gone with the ambulance).

  29. Goddammit, you made me cry meredith.

  30. Wanna bet that she activates Eves tattoo ?

  31. THIS is the page that I finally catch up with the comic on?!?!

  32. Oh, no, not Mike… ;n;

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