#975 – practically done

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  1. Uh oh….. sweater curse

  2. Mar, are… are you OK?

  3. Yes, let the world burn beneath my knitting needles. Let them feel the wrath of my purl stitches!

  4. I love these two so much!

  5. Okay, Mordor-Vision seems like cause for concern.

    1. I think she's just contemplating the apocalypse. Which, let's be honest, we've all been doing a lot more of recently.

    2. I took it as Mar looking out at the view and thinking about Olly's. Roof yuppies talking about new buildings coming up, FB talking about stuff that's been there forever going away…. it's the sort of thing you think ab out while knitting.

    3. Looking over the smoke from the recent fire?

    4. My thoughts exactly…I don't like where that could go.

    5. richard schumacher

      Merely the mists rising at daybreak. It's lovely.

  6. the sweater curse!!

    1. As I knitter, that was my response too! WHAT ARE YO DOING, THE SWEATER CURSE

  7. Look upon that pure, unadulterated adoration expressed by Jane that the bae made her a cozy sweater, and know that it is good.

  8. *Inner Marigold* LET IT BUUUUUURN

  9. *looks up sweater curse*

    uh oh

    1. i'm arguing it only applies to heteros

  10. I"ve never made a sweater and maybe I'm just not a great knitter, but having somebody slide up through my work while I'm working on it I'm pretty sure you'd lose a whole bunch of rows…

    1. The sweater does look like it's mostly in a "try-on-able" state at the moment. The only part that's currently on the needles is the sleeve, and as long as you're careful when you poke your hand through the triangle of DPNs, there shouldn't be any loss of active stitches at all. The only other possible place on that sweater that might have 'live' stitches is the other armhole, but the sweater doesn't look like it's a top-down raglan or round yoke. The silhouette looks more like a standard straight/sloped shoulder seam, with armholes that could take either a straight sleeve cap or possibly even a set-in sleeve cap, which means the other armhole probably doesn't have live stitches on waste yarn.

      That being said, it's easier to try on a sleeve if the work is spread out across four DPNs instead of three. Three needles makes a rigid triangle, while if there's four needles, there's a lot more freedom of movement around the corners. Of course, magic loop or two circs is infinitely superior in respect to trying stuff on.

      1. Ah. Yeah my knitting so far has not extended to the use of DPNs – I either knit on straight needles or I crochet if I want something round (which did not work as well as expected for a hat – it was way too tight – but I digress). I really should try a sweater or something…

  11. (grimly) They're gonna break the sweater curse.

  12. Is she knitting the sweater on purpose, knowing about the curse and willing the end into existence? An I'll wind blows in Octopus Pie.

  13. I love how you can see Jane sneaking in in panel 3 😀

  14. Wasn't the sweater curse curse responsible for Mar & Will's breakup? Break the curse, Jane! I believe!!! (Also, does Mar have knitting powers? As with tea leaves?)

    1. Apparently the problem with Will was he never put on the sweater http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-11-24/417-jump-in-

      1. Yup. And Jane put hers on before it was even finished. Very nice paralleling there.

  15. I think it's supposed to be that Jane wiggled her way into the sweater Mar was in the middle of knitting, but I choose to believe that Mar knit a sweater around Jane while she was asleep.

  16. Sweater curse isn't as bad as um, U-Haul curse

  17. Some people just want to knit and watch the world burn.

  18. Had to look up Sweater curse.

    There's a Wikipedia page on it…!

    1. I had no idea this was a real thing! OMG So much of Mar makes sense now

    2. Ahaha! This article:

      "Several plausible mechanisms for the sweater curse have been proposed, but it has not been studied systematically."

  19. in the immortal words of nancy fuchs: love it…………. nice


  20. Jane looks SO GOOD in that large panel! Adorable and elegant.

  21. "Practically done" like the comic? I'm guessing the 1000th strip will be the last one.

    1. nah

      1. omg. I was having palpitations and rationing coming on this site to check on new comics just in case.

    2. I was about to curse and say awful things to you… but then I remembered it's Friday and happiness returned to me. 😀

  22. marigold's vision is probably related more to thinking about olly's organix burning down than a general "let the world burn" vibe. my guess anyway. like "any one of these buildings could be up in flames at any minute. or maybe all of them."

  23. The existential crisis settling in nicely.

  24. I just really love the way that second-last panel turned out. Jane is lovely there. <3

  25. If I ever have a relationship with a knitter, I will give my everlasting love if I get a sweater. The only sweater curse I've had is never have been given one. :'(

  26. that first panel.
    I can definitely see that large print on my wall.

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