#972 – well

"Well" indeed - we're here! I'm realizing that after years of posting reruns, I'll soon be out of Octopus Pie to talk about, and I'll experience the loss all over again. But, best not to dwell on that. I'd really hoped I could get a good troll out of this page, a last little bit of joyous angst for the readership who'd stuck with me all this time. Nobody is fooled on a second reading, naturally, but maybe the years, which start coming and don't stop coming, have added seasoning to the song itself.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I'm probably the only one here who sent the last 2.5 years reading all of OP for the *first* time — I don't know how I was given a heads-up that you were doing this, but I threw it in my news reader and have enjoyed it, day-by-day, for the first time. Thanks!

    1. Same! It's been awesome.

    2. Not the only one. I cannot begin to say how much I love it. Thank you Meredith

  2. Hi! I'm from Mexico and I'm a great fan of the comic, but I have a question: why is the name of the comic OCTOPUS PIE? Does it means someting? I´ve been reading Octopus Pie for quite some years and I have wandered the meaning of it's title.

    1. There is no meaning, which I guess is a sign of the times it was made! I had the domain name for another stalled-out project, and decided to use it for the webcomic instead.

      1. Reading your answer, maybe this wasn't intentional Meredith (or subconscious maybe) – I always interpreted it as a reference to the stalwart pedant's point about whether or not octopus pluralises to octopi, like someone saying "octopus-pi".

      2. Thank you so much for your answer! I always had that doubt since 2010 when I started reading this comic -I first saw the ad for the comic in the Boxer Hockey page. However, I have another doubt: what is the name of Eve's dad? I noticed that each name of Eve's family has an alegoric symbolism for a stage of the day: her mom is Dawn "Daw"Ning, her brother is Rushmore "Mor"Ning and Eve is Everest "Eve"Ning. So I have always wonder what is the complete name of the dad.

  3. You could always post the strip from the beginning again and do commentary on the commentary

  4. The lead singer being an anti-mask jerk had unfortunately added a bitter taste to the song, whether it's apreciated ironically or unironically.

    1. He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

  5. Didn't make sense not to live for fun!

    1. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb

  6. This is my first time catching "at least it got that Times feature!"

  7. This has been an amazing read through. Thanks for revisiting the series and taking us behind the scenes.

  8. Ok so I think this is the panel I have visited the most out of all in Octopus Pie. Because of the lack of an individual page archive, and my constantly wanting to visit the happy ends of our characters, I have gotten to this page the most, either because I wanted to revisit the ending or I wanted to revisit some portion of the final Will – Eve storyline.

    I was always a little annoyed by this panel because I thought it didn’t give much in terms of the story, but now, after re-reading, I can appreciate this as a pretty big moment in Hanna’s character arc. She is finally able to say “Hey I can deal with these people I’ve cut out of my life” (at least for a little bit and in service to Eve). Yeah it’s not “I forgive Mar” or “Marek and I should be friends!” but it’s a willingness to at least let some of the bitterness go. She invites them because she should and it would be fun for Eve to have them there. She doesn’t need to exclude them, she doesn’t need to always have that perfect night. Her wants can take a step back.

  9. I choose to believe that Hannah click clicked Mar and Marek WITH A TOE and no one will dissuade me otherwise.

  10. Does that say the location is Arlene’s Grocery?

  11. Sad all over again that it's coming to an end for a second time! But this was super fun and I really appreciated all the commentary.

    I already kickstarted Perfect Tides, and I'm looking forward to that, but I don't think anyone would complain if you decided to tackle a new comic series at some point, either!

  12. Just realized after reading today's recap that I've been reading Octopus Pie… for a long-ass time! I've been following along with the reruns since that started and I read the whole thing at least once back to back beforehand… so I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks, Meredith, for the literal years of entertainment! These characters feel like old friends, and some of their lines have made their way into my permanent lexicon. As a writer, too, it's been a real treat to peek behind the curtain through your recaps. Cheers!

  13. I was still trolled a little bit by the "Some…". It's been a few years.

    And, hey, Marek went and made that game company! Or joined one, or something. I didn't remember that.

  14. I spent a feverish 10 minutes searching for "screaming white woman on fire" stock image back in the day to no avail. She's just so enraged. And on fire. I need it in full quality to really appreciate it.

  15. Thanks for the re-run, Meredith! It's been such a joy to re-visit these and get your commentary.
    Also, I only noticed the Fukken Shit dog on the burned flyer this time around

  16. What does it say I, reading this today, started singing the song as I scrolled past the lone "Some", before I had any idea the song was exactly what was happening?

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