#951 + 952 – that’s it for swimming

26 thoughts on “#951 + 952 – that’s it for swimming

  1. For Fucks Sake, I'm first! Wow!
    I love how even in what could be a turning point for their relationship, Hannah and her mom will always be themselves.

  2. This is as pure as interactions get and I fucking love it. I actually feel warmer looking at the colouring in this image.

  3. "Shame?"
    "Oh we're DEFINITELY past THAT"

  4. Story line ending soon?? Please don't be the last one! I love moms :,-)

  5. You can always trust the sounds of friends banging to interrupt your real talks.

  6. Oh that panel of Hannah and her mum. I can just feel myself snuggling up to my own mother. <3

  7. goddamn it meredith first will and eve now hannah and her mom, can you please stop perfectly nailing these gut-wrenching bittersweet true to my exact dang life interactions so i can stop crying in public?? you're killin me

  8. But Hannah, it's just looooooovee!

  9. i love this comic

  10. Hannadorbs

  11. I know people who get turned on by the thought of being audible

  12. Why else would they be at it again if not for fuck's sake?

  13. That couch looks soooooo cozy

  14. It's such a contrast between the second foreground panel at the top, and the second big background panel, in terms of geometry! The first one feels cozy and warm and lived in, with the living characters taking up all the space in a nook… and in the second one, with that existential question of "what are you protecting me from?", we see a very cartesian space (parallel and orthogonal angles everywhere, clean straight lines on all the furniture and decor), full of that emptiness that you can feel in a neat and orderly sparse room!

    I'm not sure of what it means exactly yet, but dang Meredith is a technical master!

  15. I think this is my favourite ever Octopus Pie strip!

    And that's saying something!!

    Read it through 3 times in quick succession, as usual. Look forward to digesting it more over the next couple days 🙂

  16. I really appreciate when OctoPie goes a bit further to explore different relations. In comparison to friends/love, the comic hasnt touched much the subject of family so far, focusing a lot on the Ning family, so it feels so freash and awesome to watch yet another differenct interaction, but beyonf that the point here is… Hannah.

    We've seen Hannah a lot through other people's eyes. Even in her own arc getting over Marek, she appears to be seem through a screem someone else set for the reader to get to know her (at least for me), but right now it's like we really see her, it's a different kind of Hannah, not the friend, but the daughter Hannah, that seems much more approachable. I like this a lot, I really do.

  17. Totally off-topic – I have always loved Hannah's feet!

  18. Poor Hannah. I get the sense that Will really isn't getting much work done this trip.

    1. If he's following Hanna's work ethic, he could make up for it with "productive dreaming".

    2. You could say he’s getting the result of all the work he’s done on himself, he’s able to move forward into a meaningful relationship.

      You have to feel a happy and contented Will in a loving relationship will boost the business far more than any true Work Retreat or SEO…

  19. I just wanted to say, the color pallets being employed through this arc are really, really damned impressive. They support both setting and mood of the progressing story exquisitely.

  20. I wish I could sit like that with my mom. She used to hold me up so I could turn light switches off with my toes. We'll never have that again.

    There's no great mystery. There's distance, and there's time, and things just drift further apart.

  21. great feet, hands like sausages, now what's that all about?

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