#949 + 950 – different, permanently

46 thoughts on “#949 + 950 – different, permanently

  1. I love this!

    And the last panel is gorgeous!

    And…uh…I love this!

  2. yaaaaaaaay


  4. My heart is bursting. Heart everywhere. Also the tears. Thank you Meredith.

  5. Don't mind me, I'll just be sitting here, grinning and purring for the rest of the evening :))))))

  6. cleverbutappropriateusername

    I'm delirious with happiness


  8. there are no tears… but i swear i'm crying

  9. And the crowd goes wilder. 🙂

    Good luck, you crazy kids!

  10. THIS is a happy ending

  11. YEAH BUDDY!!!

  12. well this is perfect

  13. my heart is a unicorn, I threw myself on the floor and groaned happily. I can't believe this is happening! Aaaaaah!


    So so so so ossoososososoos cute <3

    I am the happiest. eVER.

  15. I actually teared.
    I am so sad and happy.
    This is like the perfect way to end the whole thing and that made me sad
    Dang it, I have been in love with this comic for to long.

  16. Personally I'm falling apart but everything here is so together it's actually helping

  17. Heartbreaking. My heart is breaking.

    I didn't subscribe for this when I started reading this comic. I started reading because weird antics and binged archive and kept on reading because well done everyday dramedy.

    This is beautiful. But I'm also mad, not sure at what exactly, possibly myself, because my personal day life is joyless existence sans a few stolen moments spent with comics and films; I have not yet loved anyone and hardly see a chance for love ever coming up in future either.

    But damn this is beautiful. I haven't commented here before, but now I'd like to thank the author. I just wish I could escape here for longer than few minutes a couple of times in week, though.


    Also, people talking about the use of the blues in the previous pages. LOOKIT THE SKY WARMING AS THEIR CONVERSATION PROGRESSES.


  19. I'm guessing by the last panel Eve's thinking about ditching the city. Good.

  20. About 5 or so years ago, a buddy of mine posted a link to an episode(?) of OP. The one where Will and Eve hook up after he has that shitty delivery stop where they threw bottles of him. I kinda knew then that this would be something worth reading.

    Sitting at work today, I literally shotgunned the whole series. 001-now. Through Marek leaving, Will making the life choices one like Will make, Eve slowly becoming shorter and rounder, and all of it.

    And you know? If this was the last update, that'd be okay.

  21. Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD!!!! Tears, real tears.


  23. trapdooralligators

    Once there's a release to all the bottled up "I love you"s, it's hard to keep 'em contained. Seems like Eve's been wanting to tell that to Will for a while meow. 😀

    Also, damn, Will, poetic much??

  24. Omfg you actually made squelch with glee AUGH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

  25. So beautiful. The sentiment, the colouring, everything.

    That last panel. Bravo.


  26. I actually teared.
    I haven't teared or cried for something so beautiful and something that I am so envious of in a long time.

  27. I was so worried that they were going to have "the talk" in the last page. Now my heart hurts for happy reasons! This is everything I've ever needed in this comic

  28. I've waited years for this.


  29. please don't tell me it's the end!

  30. it's such a rare pleasure to happy-cry instead of sad-cry at a story these days. thank you

  31. Oh wow, the art is neat is always.
    And I love this.
    The naturalistic dialogue expresses how they're not sitcom characters, they're real people (TM).
    Oh and I love this.

  32. so many emotions! ugh, so good!

  33. A lot of people have been saying how Will's been waiting on Eve and how it probably wasn't worth it. I think this was precisely what Will needed. Someone who didn't cater to his every whim and whom he felt he could have good normal friend-type conversations with (and great intimidating sex, of course). I feel like he's just comfortable… comfortable enough to be cocky and vulnerable and fun. I like him with Eve.
    And I like Eve with Will. Hah!

  34. My jaw dropped and perforated the next 3 sub-levels of this building. This is so beyond awesome.

  35. am I the only one who is scared of what Aime said to Will about his relationships http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-05-25/784-a-challe
    I really hope that now that Eve has downed her wall everything will be better for both… Eve deserves it.

    1. I remember there being a lot of debate about the Amy/Will split that boiled down to Team Aime and Team Will. Personally I think it summarizes how brutal final words can be, because I still see it as her being INCREDIBLY bitter about the break-up.

      "I'll look back at this and laugh at how foolish I was, but not you. You will have been in your prime." Like, who the hell says this? Just straight-up declaring that he'll never grow or become better, that it's all downhill for him. All said with a tired wiseness that she has no right to be possessing. But you know what? Of course she would — she felt betrayed and hurt, and was being broken up with by the man who did so to her. Of course Will didn't really leave her with any redeemable qualities to remember.

      But we've seen Will grow. We've seen that his prime hasn't passed him and that he's still reaching for it, or at least a better version of himself. I am still worried, as his therapist's words ring more in my ear that Aimee's when it comes to this new relationship (specifically his fear of committing despite not wanting to be alone) but damn, you can't say that this is a really strong start for the both of them.

  36. this is so precious

  37. I love this! This comic can end here and I won't be even mad or sad! Well, maybe a bit sad it ended if it did but just i love it and it's so nice and warm this page, and I love this!

  38. I actually threw up my arms and cheered D:
    Starting relationships is so hard, and so full of anxiety and this void of uncertainty, and maybe that's what Eve's been trying to avoid…But that moment, where you decide to try, and it's real and awesome…that's the moment here. My heart us so full. Wow.



  41. AT LONG LAST TT~TT SO beautiful… Thank you, Meredith! ^_^

  42. I am ripping my hair out as my body goes into shakes of glee.
    My goodness this is a FREAKING SWEET PAGE!

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