#948 – what flavor pink is

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  1. "+1 to Relationship Growth"


  3. Aaand, Eve breaks down her wall (if just a little). Meredith, making everyone happy and hopeful. 🙂

  4. So what is pink flavor?

    1. Avocado


  5. Oh my god, YASSSSSSSS


    Oh man oh man oh man
    I was so scared Octopus Pie was going to end before these two had some sort of good resolution to their current story line. Can't wait to see the next few pages.

  7. oh, those feels

  8. Also, I had no idea what a honey stick was. Neat

  9. Melting my heart, one comic at a time. This is beautiful.

  10. Aaah! Aaaaaah! AAAaaaaaaaaah! My heart, oh my heart, I actually teared up at this. I'm so happy for these kids.

    1. You and me, both. 🙂

  11. yessssss. 🙂

  12. OH THANK GOD!!! Never before have fictional characters provoked a level of anxiety anywhere near what Eve putting the brakes on that car did to me. It is just a comic! I know this and yet…



  14. The tension of waiting for this page to load was awful but it was worth it. I love this comic.

  15. Coworker: *looks at my computer* Oh, is that some kind of comic? …Wait, are you crying?

    Me: *sniffle* Shut up, Steve, love is beautiful.

    1. Good lord! Me too! Except I work alone, so I can really let it rip.

    2. Hahaha! I love this!

    3. Fucking Steve!

    4. Me too!! :'(

  16. Eve has just earned the POWER OF RELATIONSHIP GROWTH!
    +3 Against Evil Ex Boyfriends!

  17. BABE, YES

  18. Yes. YES. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Maybe life is alright after all.


  20. Eve… you smushed my honey sticks…

  21. D'aww yiss.

  22. I didn't know I could smile this hard

  23. YES!

  24. And the crowd goes wild. 🙂

  25. So I'm guessing this is Will and Hanna's hometown, yeah? Maybe Eve's face on Panel 2 is saying "Oh shit, I don't know Will that well either."

    Sorry, first-time poster, ignore me if I'm way off base. I just love the subtlety of this comic 🙂

    1. I actually really love this theory! For a while I just thought Will and Hanna found an outdoorsy place to rent or something for their business but I think it's actually a vacation cabin that belonged to Hanna's family. However, I don't think Will would be so familiar with people in the rural area if it was just Hanna's cabin.

      Whether it's their hometown or not, it's clear that they know the area and Eve could've definitely picked up on that and realized there's things she wants to learn about Will and what he knows.

    2. I thought Will was from Quebec. Didn't he leave NYC at some point to see his family there?

  26. Wow!
    The story took a huge, huge turn in the last three panels.
    I did [not] expect Eve to show this big-size, emotional openness, like she did.
    Great job, Meredith. 🙂

  27. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

  28. Beautiful tender color tones to match.

  29. I, too, would want to get to know a guy for a flavored honey stick.

    Those things are boss.

  30. The colors are tender, but I still feel somewhat weird everytime there's so much blue in OctoPie. I'd call it melancholy, maybe?

    Eve had a silent talk with herself and decided to give not only Will, but herself a chance, too. She can be either very happy or hurt again, and maybe this anxiety about having the courage to take a chance but still antecipating or being afraid of pain, I think that's those colors.
    I'll be happy with this for now, though, and hope every thing turns out okay

  31. *reading*
    *scroll down*
    *rea-ARMS UP!*


  32. My first thought? DANG, Eve…you sure hold onto a thought for a while, don't you?

  33. That was the first time I cried reading OP… I felt like I do know what Eve is feeling, a half of sorry and tenderness about Will…

  34. Yesssssssssssssss


    I have held out optimism for Eve this whole time and I am not disappointed at all.

  35. YASSSSS! Also, haven't hadn't one of those in years, but I don't remember a pink one! Only varied shades of amber? Maybe pink clover honey, but I thought those were just pale gold…Either way, YAY EVILL!

  36. This makes me miss honeysticks. I'm deadly allergic now but I used to eat them all the time as a kid.

  37. Such a sweet moment!!!!! I love how real Meredith's stories and drawings are – I could actually hear the thump as Eve suddenly hugged Will.

    Also, I gotta say, OP readers and commenters are the most positive and thought provoking bunch of people I've ever witnessed online. I always look forward to scrolling down and reading what everyone has to say as soon as soon as I devour the comic. Thanks for being so cool and inspiring everybody!

  38. man, this makes me happy.

    seriously almost blow for blow what me and my wife do all the time. hit a slightly major chord. 🙂

  39. You've grown Eve. Good for you.

  40. This relationship growth is extra awesome to me because wondering what the flavor of the pink honeycomb is could have been turned into a sex joke so easily. We all know someone who uses crude humor to avoid engaging with serious emotion. I might be that person =/


  42. As someone who always takes a while to process before being able to respond to big news/emotions/etc., I really love and appreciate this comic. If you give people a little space and time to breathe and figure things out, you may get a much more honest and wonderful response than if you had pushed or gotten upset because they didn't have an immediate response. All this to say, this is so real and beautiful. And it makes me incredibly happy 🙂

    1. Yes! Me too! If you push me, I'll likely push back and cling to what I'm comfortable with, but if you give me room, I'm probably going to agree, or give a better response to why I don't agree with something (in a good way, instead of a digging in my heels way).

    2. This comment made me recall Park trying to push Eve to move away with him and demanding an answer before she was ready. This made Eve even more set in her will to not change anything. Will giving her space to process is such a contrast and it shows how much better suited he is to Eve (and/or how unsuited Park was).

  43. Aw, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! My day is made, and my heart warm and fuzzy.


  45. This is my soap ;_; <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  46. I cried. Like a baby.

  47. I have been waiting for these events for almost a decade.

  48. benito tortellini

    wait has anyone else noticed that we might hit 1000 pages soon? by soon i mean in a very long while but soon

    i hope the comic concludes at exactly 999 pages just to piss people off

  49. I love the subtle journey of this page. Eve shifts from being lost in her own thoughts in the first panel, to paying attention to what Will's doing in the second. Panels two through five show Eve all these pieces of Will's life and experience that she knows nothing about, that she hasn't even considered. You can see her watching him in panel five, weighing, realizing that a relationship built on absence isn't what she wants. In panels six and seven, we see that she's made a decision to move closer, not further. To try and build something, rather than avoid entanglement.

  50. I love this comic so damn much.

  51. pink is the flavor~

    solve the riddle~

  52. I'm bawling right now.

  53. I had to put down my lunch, just to wipe my eyes. Oh you! <3

  54. I nearly shed a tear at that last panel. So damn good.

  55. I just read from start to finish and it feels like Eve and Will together is The End. I hope I'm wrong…

  56. Oh my gosh you …
    You made me tear up you BOOB


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