#943 – hanna don’t look

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  1. "I really must insist that you don't look, Hanna."

    1. "Hanna, are you looking? Because you shouldn't… I'm peeing"

      1. "Hanna, I reeeally appreciate you not looking, cause I'm almost done. Peeing, that is. Hannah."

        1. "Did I mention that I'm peeing Hanna? And to not look?"

  2. Its during these times where I hope niether Eve nor Will will fuck this up

  3. It seems like she's resisting emotional intimacy. I hope! She will be! Ok!!!

  4. What I'm getting from Will's reactions to both the times Eve made a move in bed is that he doesn't expect it? Or maybe he is surprised by her intensity? I can't figure it out.

    Also Eve has a new dream? The old dream of the city surrounded by water is now a desert. I wish I was smart enough to interpret this. OP always leaves me with questions I can't wait to get answers.

    1. I think he is surprised because every time he tries to be cute or sow affection she seems to engage sex machine mode, I guess.

  5. I love this comic so much, just seeing that third panel made me feel better. Oh sigh, men's arms are not the solution but dear god do they help me sleep at night.

  6. I'm having so many conflicting emotions right now.

    1. Seriously though, don't look.

  7. It'd be fucking amazing if Will found he had to step back a bit because Eve is not currently capable of the emotional connection he's looking for. It'd show astounding growth for his character and show just how difficult a time Eve is having right now.

    I'm not saying I'm rooting for it, but I would appreciate it because it'd feel very real. Eve is not in a good place right now, and hasn't been for some time. She needs help, but that help might not be 'banging Will stupid every time he tries to get close.'

    1. Yeah I agree. I think Eve should see a therapist too. It certainly seems to have helped Will.

    2. I really think you may be about to get what you are not exactly wishing for.

  8. This is one of my faves. Im with Lily on this one.

  9. Will's look in the fifth panel: he did tell his therapist he found Eve sexually intimidating. I didn't get that aspect of their relationship until now.

    1. It seems to me that Eve is sexually more aggressive spontaneously, and the fact that intimidates Will is that Eve's Urge comes out of nowhere, were he wasn't actually seeking sexual intimacy or even thinking about it at that particular moment.

  10. Eve got some serious squatting game going on.

  11. Not being able to see Eve's eyes in the early panels is unsettling. This definitely feels like a "careful what you wish for" moment.

  12. I'm drunk, and this comic touched me further than anything I've seen in the last few months. I haven´t got a job since January, and I'm so happy to chip in one little dollar for this master piece every month, even if it seems like I won´t earn money never again in my life. Thank you Meredith.

  13. I can only think about the word "barren" from the first pannel and I'm so scared for Eve's mind right now

  14. She had a nightmare about death, or?

  15. Will's face in the fifth panel made a lot more sense to me once I thought about it from his perspective; if someone was really vulnerable with you -like crying in your arms- and then immediately wanted to have sex with you (even if you're really attracted to them in general), I can imagine being alarmed and thinking, "WTF?"

    And Meredith, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to capture really complicated, nuanced problems and feelings in the span of a few panels, and with little to no dialogue. I've read a lot of webcomics, and yours is really exceptional.

  16. ItsAMotherFckinLion

    I went through all 9 years of Octopus Pie, and I am finally caught up!

    1. God has it really been that long? ::Goes off to think about the last decade of his life::

    2. Same! I think I started reading it about a week ago and it's been so crazy to read years of work and character progression in just a few days

  17. I had an anxiety attack just the other night, so glad my boyfriend was there. So panels 2-4 are really getting to me…

  18. Meredith, you're a heck of a story teller… this webcomic just gets better, it's been amazing to watch you hone your craft these past 9 years. You're like the Salman Rushdie of webcomics.
    I'm amazed

  19. You can't fuck away all your problems Eve…though I must admit it is fun to try.

    1. Peaches would disagree…

  20. trapdooralligators

    i'm starting to suspect that eve "fucking" will is just a way to avoid "making love" with will, seeing as we know how much she hates that idea.

  21. oh god i'm all caught up… this comic is such a ride and now i'm all caught up auuuughhh

  22. Anyone know what the update sched is looking like these days?

  23. I could have been Eve.

  24. There is another option besides running away from love–it could be that Eve doesn't know how else to express that intimacy besides sex. Though I do agree that it seems to be foreshadowing the former, this could be more messy and complicated than the single conflict.

  25. "The Easy Part."

  26. Dreams of the beach, where Park had a baby, then Eve having some insight or perspective of her mother and how Parenthood is a challenge, and now dreams about "barren" wastelands, after a conversation about (pre) cancer cells found in her cervix.

    I feel so awful for Eve…

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