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  1. I've been going through the exact same thing for months now, and knowing that Eve had the same health issues made me feel a lot better. I know it's very common, but this really helped. Thanks, Meredith!

  2. I completely misread her Dr. visit earlier. I presumed she was just visiting her OB for some routine issues. Yikes.

    1. So it actually is kindof routine- a lot of women have to go back for a biopsy after an abnormal pap. Thing its, routine or not it can hurt like a bitch as illustrated by poor Eve at her OB/Gyn. I feel for your girl!
      The whole 'precancer' thing sounds scary, but I mean, focus on the 'pre'. It means doctors can follow potentially troublesome processes in your body before they become something bad. Yay modern medicine!

      Also, Hanna's mom is right. In the words of my OBGyn "Welcome to being a sexually active adult"

      1. Yay modern medicine is right! Not only do we have screenings that can follow potentially troublesome processes, but now there's a vaccine that prevents the virus that causes 90% of pre-cancers in the cervix. Lady parts rejoice! It's the HPV vaccine, and boys and girls need to get it before exposure to the virus (or as your OBGyn would say, welcome to being a sexually active adult). I had an abnormal pap caused by HPV infection when I was 20. It was so scary…I wish the vaccine existed when I could have gotten it.

        1. I've been to the "hey, you're at level 2 HPV" phase (PS: there are 3 levels, the third being cancer). They only give the vaccines to young girls and I contracted HPV when I was 25 so no vaccine for me. Damnit. However it is reassuring to know that only 15% of HPV cases (mutations) are actually cancerous and your body naturally fights it off. Still sucks that you have to go in for a colposcopy every 6 months until you come back with the all-clear signal. Thank goodness for Planned Parenthood, it was the only way I was ever going to get a free exam without insurance!

        2. Meanwhile, I *did* get the vaccine as a pre-teen and I still got abnormal pap results back at my last ob-gyn appointment last month, at age 27. so it still happens, and it's extra scary when you feel like you were supposed to be protected from it :/

  3. I'm getting a small mass removed from lady areas in a few weeks. I've been reading since it started, was just as surly as Eve, and now our bodies are changing together, too. It's crazy how this comic can hit close to home in the most personal of ways, how these fictional characters are so real.

    1. I am still in recovery from that exact thing. Don't worry. It hurts a hell of a lot less than even mild cramps!

  4. On the upside Earth won.

  5. Perhaps this is why Eve's had such a massive heel-turn character-wise over the past few stories?

  6. I can't help but feel like Will doesn't really get Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    1. I'm thinking War of the Worlds?

    2. How about "Battlefield Earth"?

      1. No, no. The most perfect summer vacation movie is obviously Independence Day.

  7. Panel 4… Eve is almost nonchalant. Resigned, I suppose. She's accepted the word, if nothing else.

    Panel 5…. Eve is scared, stressed, resigned, and sighing deeply (even though it isn't shown).

    Panel 6… Eve is suddenly self conscious and worried she might have hurt someone by talking about her problems.

    Panel 7… Eve is a goofball.

    From panel to panel, she goes from accepting a thing to fighting stance (mentally), blaming herself and then fixing things entirely, and it's really all from drawing eyes a different way in every panel.

    Your comic is amazing.

    1. Agreed on "amazing" — but what I'm seeing here is, Eve is deeply stressed, and has been for days. And Diane, who we thought was a "spoiler"… turns out to be the mother-figure Eve needs to let her tell someone…

      1. I guess the last arc's big starfish reveal shed some more light on what might keep Eve from bringing it up with Dawn.

  8. Thank you, Meredith. I'm scheduling a LEEP or cryotherapy next month for the same exact reasons. I've felt pretty spun out about it so it's nice to see these issues in comic form. <3

    1. I did one years ago but this brought it all back a little for me. They're not as scary as they sound, they didn't even put me under for mine (which I hear they do now?)! I've been clear ever since so keep your head up and know you're not alone!

  9. Our OP babies are all grown up………………………

  10. Yup, Diane is definitely just like my mom.
    I'm like,
    "Blah blah blah, my life. Blah blah blah, my relationship. Blah blah blah, my concerns."
    and she's like,
    "Shut up and poor me another drink, sweetie."

    1. I want to be like that.
      My mom was always bewildered by everything, like she lived under a rock she never left.

      I don't blame her, but it's difficult that she isn't ever a lot of help.

  11. Oh, man… where's this going? reality?

  12. I have been through the same thing as Eve, pre-cancer n all. Really cool to see a comic address stuff like this because I feel like it never gets talked about enough and the silence makes it scarier.

  13. I know what "pre-cancer" is… It's a scary way of saying there's some abnormal cells somewhere. They aren't cancer now, might never even become cancer. But, there's that chance, so we have to scare everyone into getting the cells removed.

    1. Yeah that's what I've been told as well. All it means is "we found some abnormal cells" which doesn't necessarily mean anything. They just found some cells that turned out a little different than the rest, for whatever reason. And that happens all the time in our bodies, and the majority of the time they go away with no trouble at all. The pap smear finds tons of totally benign slightly-off cells all the time, putting women through a lot of extra testing for what is usually nothing. Downside is a very small amount of the time the next cells that appear are cancerous, so who wants to really take the chance once they get the first report of an abnormal cell?

      1. Actually, pre-cancer is more than simply abnormal cells, there are three levels (plus the whole HPV thing). Essentially they are: Level 1 abnormal cells, level 2 pre-cancer, and level 3 cancer. I contracted HPV and made it to level 2 but my body managed to fight it off naturally (which happens 85-90% of the time) and went right back to a normal result after a year. If you do get up to level 2 (which is a test showing a higher percentage of abnormal cells over a series of pap smears), then you get to have a colposcopy (which is like a pap smear on steroids) every 6 months until you come back clear. They always left me a little queasy and with minor cramps for a few days. Worst part is that the colposcopy does not negate the pap smear, you still have to take that one each year. Ugh.

  14. This panel made me gush even more over OP; being a woman is hard, not just romantically or economically but biologically, and the storylining doesn't take shortcuts for Eve's character development

  15. I had a similar medical scare myself with severe cramps – that may have come from ovarian cysts – and was told to do a pap smear to check for cancer at some point. Always freaks me out when I think it could happen to me. It can happen to anyone.

  16. Will the Story Guide section be updated any tie soon?

    1. I\’ll try to do it soon! The site needs a lot of work.. eh heh..

  17. been binging on this since yesterday. i went to go click that next button and my heart filled with sadness

  18. Nobody was as delighted as I am by Diane's "spoiler alert"? Shows she's a with-it mom, but not, like, a tryhard mom. You know what I mean?

    (feeling ashamed of myself now for putting down even a theoretical mom)

  19. This last arc has been so good. It's amazing how real every character feels to me. The "pre-cancer" reveal clearly hits home to many of us. Am I the only one who is spacing on Eve's doctor visit though? Does any kind reader have a link so I can do some re-reading…?

    1. The only doctor's visit i remember is where she got birthcontrol. Maybe it was a two-for-one visit. Sex pills and cancer screening!

    2. It was right before she hooked up with Park again recently. Only a couple arcs ago.

    3. It was at the start of this story line: http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-04-29/894-leave-th


  20. This made my stomach drop.

    It's not always nothing. My mom had that, at some point her doctor decided a hysterectomy was best. She had that, but 10 years later it turned out that the 'abnormal cells' were more than that (or turned into more at some point) and it went to her lungs. Then her lymphatic system, then her brain, then (we think) her bones (but she was on the cusp of being tested for that when she passed away so we'll never know, nor do I think it matters).

    It's not always nothing 🙁

  21. Huh, there goes eve doing what she does best.

  22. These comics are relatable (and beautiful) every day, but I haven't had one feel as immediately timely and painful in a while as this one. Good one, Gran. Always right in the feels.

  23. I didn’t realise at the time (it was probably too raw) but this comic landed six months after my wife had been told she had cervical cancer. Thanks to the screening, it was picked up, treated and she is (knock on wood) absolutely fine to this day.

    Please, please go for your smears. And those with testes, please check them.

  24. My mother has a cancer diagnose in the same area. She’s 53 now and had some problem even befor I was born. It somewhat helps to read all of this, knowing that we are not alone with this and that medicine can help.

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