#941 – forget about work

18 thoughts on “#941 – forget about work

  1. I want nothing more than to spend another summer on a lake with friends

  2. I'm so over the moon for Eve & Will, and at the same time I'm identifying hard with Hanna's loneliness. Also, that vacation vibe…….the poignancy of these feelings, I can barely take it! Especially knowing that Octopus Pie is ending the story after this. We're coming up on the end of an era (and, it feels like somehow, my youth.) Bring it home, Meredith, thanks for all of this.

    1. octopus pie is ending? D:

      1. Yep, before the 10th anniversary, May of next year I think?

  3. Yo Hanna, tell Eve the one about the chicken! There's a road, the chicken crosses it–you're gonna love it.

  4. Something up with Hanna's folks? :/

    1. Oh. Oh geez, that is what's implied, isn't it? I thought Eve was asking if Hanna was okay, but I don't think that's it.

    2. Sounds like maybe divorce? Which would explain her taciturn attitude lately. Not only is parents splitting stressful (even if it is amicable, which HannaMom is acting like) but she might be interpreting it as being doomed in love.

      "The love of my life just left, dating is awful, and now even my parents – what hope is there for me?"

  5. HannaMom's tablet-back is like another firefly

  6. Remember my remark about the look on Hanna's face when she was grilling corn a few strips ago? Suddenly thinking about it again reading this strip.

  7. Funny seeing the disconnect between everybody in the comments for the previous page assuming Hanna invited her mom as petty revenge and the reality on this page.

  8. If Hanna's mom is playing Toy Blast on that thing then she's the spitting image of my mom.

  9. "Yeah, Hanna, I just punched the clock …"
    "Is THAT what you call it?"

    Fantastic! I feel like Hanna can't resist a few gentle digs at Eve, but there doesn't seem to be any hint of a "Hanna and Marigold"-style freakout. It's as if Hanna is viewing the burgeoning relationship with the same eyes that many of us are: mildly skeptical of the long-term possibilities, but also hopeful enough to not just crush it.

  10. Come on, Hannah. You know Eve's gonna like the noodle thing.

  11. Fireflies!!!!

  12. Oh Will. Always bringung the jokes.

  13. Anyone else who grew up on "Calvin and Hobbes" reminded of the infamous "noodle incident"?

  14. They sound like a bunch of summer camp high schoolers in the last panel, and I love it. (Especially Will, that immature dork.

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