#939 – a cereal generated vision

27 thoughts on “#939 – a cereal generated vision

  1. I love Will less-than-subtly trying to learn more about Eve. Don't worry buddy, you'll get there.

  2. Will's eyes in the fifth panel are so great. 🙂

    "to dooo—aughhh WAIT time just FLEW BY what if it flies by FOREVER"

    1. "She also intimidates me


  3. Well I hope they're not going to be hungry any time soon. There's no such thing as a quick 10k.

    1. Depends on one's definition of quick. Could be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or so—depending on how well-trained Hanna is. Plus with runners you never know if they end up having to come home sooner from unexpected things like injuries. I'd feel a little rushed to do sexy times under those circumstances. However, Will and Eve probably don't know or care. 🙂

      1. I'm pretty sure Hannah was getting out of there to give them some time alone (or at least to ensure she wouldn't be in the room when they start ripping their clothes off).

  4. So Hanna is a little manic, Will wants to get to know Eve and she is oblivious. Or ignoring it.

  5. I keep reading panel 4 and 5 over and over. Will's face is priceless. This page delivers. <3

  6. Aw, Will, you're really trying this time. I hope Eve is on board once she gets the whole 'years of pent up sexual tension' horniness out of the way

  7. Hanna is animated noodles, huh

  8. Love the sunset lighting in the last few panels.

  9. Look at the way Eve looks at Will in panel 4. You can tell she's already got something in mind. X3

  10. Panel 4 to 5 transition is masterful. Eve's face and then Will's. Loving this arc!!

    1. In fact, it caused me to add you to my Patreon list. Thanks for the awesome art… now in $'s.

  11. Eve is gonna look fresh to death in that shirt.

  12. eve and will, eve and will, eveand will eveandwill eveandwillandeveeeeee

    *hyperventilates from happiness*

  13. I love Eve's "The instant you set those bowls down I am tackling you and ripping your clothes off" expression in panel 3.

    1. 30 seconds into cereal and chill and she gives you this look

  14. Friggin same, Hanna! I mean not the running (my knees are bullshit), but the casual yoga-doing/crotch-flashing in polite company, and the wondering if maybe I should just get into cocaine, for sure!

  15. anybody remember when Hanna was like 'ehh, running and fitness is for suckers, i hate everything, i hate me'

    it's really nice to see her all motivated and not hating the fact that she's motivated.

    Also evewill awkwardness

  16. We need a Stretch Armstrong Hanna doll, NOW!

  17. Whatcha brushing past there, Ning?

  18. So Hanna 1) knows that Eve hooked up with Park; 2) this implies that Eve might not have take up Will's invite if things had worked out with Park; 3) Will has been interested in Hanna in the past; and 4) she and Will are basically "work married" and it seems to be good for both of them. They're best friends. They seem to want the same things in life.

    Just saying.

    1. Having common interests doesn't mean you have chemistry and mutual sexual interest in each other. Just saying. 🙂

  19. If they open a store front, they might need to bring someone else in. Maybe someone with experience working somewhere like, idk, a grocery store? Who has worked there for a billion years and happens to be in dire need of a career change?

  20. Hmm, we need conflict. Hanna will be in the kitchen.

  21. Why do I feel an incoming retraction from Eve the moment Will tries to dig deep.

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