#939 – a cereal generated vision

An easily overlooked part of this page is how Hanna is so hooked on running that it seems to give her wild coke-fueled business ideas. Everyone's just FINE with this!

Another barrier broken, of any pretense they wouldn't be sharing a bed all weekend. Will is nude with his iliac furrow showing, vulnerable and feeling somewhat like a piece of meat. I really dig the movement in Eve's pose, as close to a satisfied squirm as I could get. It was one of those drawings that flowed easily and didn't need to be reworked. It's not a mutually romantic scene but it's certainly idyllic for her. Sex on arrival just puts a warm glow (that Valerie made literal) on the rest of the evening -- plenty of time for more sex, eating, sex, and uh Bananagrams?

15 thoughts on “#939 – a cereal generated vision

  1. I love that you're able to show a relationship that may initially seem like it's only about sex, and show that it can grow into something more… While still having tons of great sex. And that you never really shame Eve for having casual sex.

  2. The original commenters, uh … commented on this already but Eve's eyes in panel four are absolutely perfect. There is zero-point-zero doubt about what she wants, even before panel five (in which Will's eye is also perfect) arrives.

    PS: I continue to love how non-sexual boobs show up in this comic even right after actual sex has occurred.

  3. Hanna: "I'm just gonna go run a quick 10K!"
    Translation: "Imma outta here so you two can play Bananagram!"

    A good Good Roommate move, Hanna! [salutes]

    1. Is that what the kids are calling it now?

  4. The transition from panel four to panel five is incredible.

  5. One thing I don't quite get is the timing about this whole sequence:

    – They're eating cereal, which to me would suggest they're having breakfast, but I feel like Eve shows up later in the day than breakfast-time.

    – Hannah says she's doing "a quick 10k," which is about 6.2 miles.

    – Will says "I guess we'll start on dinner when she gets back," which, what? If Hannah is WALKING that 10k, she's going to be back in 2 hours at most. Regardless of the actual time, who on Earth begins making dinner less than 2 hours after they finish eating cereal?!

    To be fair, the post-coital lighting makes it look like Eve's plans carry them well into the late afternoon/early evening, so maybe she quietly noted the timing discrepancy and just kept things going for the next several hours–without either of them taking a drink break until now, which says some impressive things about their stamina.

    1. Vacation so you just have cereal whenever you don't feel like making something?

      1. What? That's a thing? Man, these characters DO live dangerously.

        1. Dat mid-20s slacker/stoner life

    2. I definitely am hungry again 2 hours after eating cereal, fwiw.

    3. You must be one of those people who don’t regard a bowl of cold cereal as a whenever snack.

      Like I think I had more bowls of cereal before bed than for breakfast during my childhood.

      But I’m an old millenial who isn’t lactose intolerant. Could be a cultural thing.

  6. You know… Hannna's ass. That she has.

    1. I’m sorry, her what? Doesn’t ring a bell.

  7. Interesting! I always interpreted it as Hanna being so enthusiastic about her grand business plans that it flows over to the running. Also, I can't figure out what kind of 10k she is talking about because miles seem way, way too long and feet might be a bit short, and there my knowledge of american length measurements run out…

    1. HA it isn't an american length measure, it's just 10km

      Runners in the US will call those "Ten K" as slang.

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