#932 + 933 – unhook that brain

One of my favorites of the series, color and texture-wise. I was delighted with this one before I even saw the beautiful golden murk.

This scene is another reckoning I think: Will's proclamation of loyalty in spite of everything, and an urging that Hanna be less of a neurotic to those who've stuck around.

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  2. I could comment on the amazing colors, or on the fun and realistic interplay between two long-time friends, or on how angry-boy doesn't seem so angry these days … but instead I'm going to say that every time I see panel seven, I think for a second that Hanna is sticking her tongue out a tiny bit, like a cat blepping, and it really adds to the expression and makes me laugh each time.

    1. I think that's her mouth, not her tongue. Still adorable.

  3. I don't know if it's intended or not but I can't help feeling romantic tension in this scene. Not in the sense that Will is interested in Hanna (he seems well over her at this point) but an inkling in Hanna's mind that maybe, MAYBE she should try again with him, before Eve pulls him away for good? After all, he's everything she wants – someone who already knows her, is easily available without the pretense of dating, etc. He's the easy choice.

    But she knows it's a bad idea and it remains an inkling. Good for her, if that's what was happening.

    1. I got the same intonation when I read this the first time, and still do this time around. She's hinted in past conversations that she'd rather have a relationship that started on a solid foundation of Friendship than go through the swiping of random dating. It's possible that she was hoping to find a Partner in her partner.

      She's not wrong in calling Will out on his b.s. with Eve. He's the kid that tries to sneakily as their parents if a friend can stay over, after they've put them in a position where they can't say no. Is he trying to actually make himself a better person, or is he just going through the motions so he can *feel* like he is — the metaphorical moron who goes to the gym once a week to justify eating tacos every day? After re-reading the comic, I'm getting the impression that it's the latter.

      1. Eh, I think Will is more in the right for calling BS on this being a working vacation. He knew full well it wasn't going to be that, and how much Hanna is kidding herself by insisting it will be – and how much both of them NEED a non-work vacation. I think Hanna's just new to the idea of someone not only calling her on something, but taking action on it. She wants to be in charge, even if she's wrong… But over the course of this trip she comes to accept it and roll with it. Great character growth for her!

  4. Yes, Will-yuuum?

  5. Ah, the ol' pool noodle trick.

  6. I loved this page and still do. It's a bit of a return of old Hanna while everyone is moving forward.

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