#931 – i won’t have it

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31 thoughts on “#931 – i won’t have it

  1. Awww Olly!


  3. "You're like the daughter that's like the son I never had."

  4. I love Olly's weird and sometimes inconvenient brand of spontaneity, especially when he's trying to do something for Eve's benefit. I think he's living vicariously though.

  5. Is Olly having a manic episode or a mid-life crisis?

    1. Yes?

  6. "You're like the daughter that's like the son I never had, Ning."

    Awww Ollie. Even when you're being sweet, you're an asshole! *snif*

  7. I have a feeling Olly ships Eve and Will.

    1. Olly has long been a servant of Evill.

    2. But Hanna does not.

  8. Eve: "is this what's called…A DAY OFF?" ( Eve watches some tumbleweeds roll by.) "I've never seen one, before."

  9. thistemporarylifeblog

    I've honestly never loved Olly more. This scene is really great, and I really appreciate that it's fairly clear that he's not doing some shit to guilt her into staying, but doing something to show that he actually does care. He's been shitty in the past, but this is a good moment.

  10. Kiss cabin here we come!

  11. I love it. I absolutely love it. As much as I was kind of thrown off by Eve's face in the first panel yesterday, Olly's just doing what he does: being good at the most awkward moments and for all the wrong reasons. Still, go get the Will, Eve!

  12. Did Olly get visited by three ghosts last night?

  13. First of all, wow, are we being spoiled with so many pages! It's fantastic.

    I can't stop smiling at poor Eve on panel 6, trying to comprehend the fact she finally is receiving a small reward for all her hard work :,) Plus panel 2 showing Olly's aggressive affection is even more impressive in colour (omg expressions <3).

    But also, because I am unable to enjoy the moment, I can't stop myself from speculating about what bitter/jealous Hanna will say or do when the "work weekend" turns into the "kiss cabin". Dun dun dunnn!

  14. I am… afraid of an impending Hannah explosion.

    The cabin retreat is supposed to be a work thing.

    Eve will probably go innocently thinking it's a fun friends thing. But even that won't happen if it becomes a she and Will kiss-cabin thing.

    Sooo Hannah's gonna be annoyed on work and friend fronts.

    1. I could kind of get her annoyance, actually. She's still trying to heal over her own breakup, so not only would she not want to be around other people's ~*~romantic drama and feelings~*~ but also become the third wheel of her own thing she planned. To be honest, it's a little rude.

    2. I accidentally down voted this comment, but I meant to like it!

    3. Right? It also seems like the stakes are not that high. Just see him next week…

  15. "Declining years"

  16. I think maybe Olly has been my favourite character all along

  17. "And you're like the father I did have? but Puerto Rican, manic and way waay more sweaty."

  18. Man, I dunno. I feel Hannah's annoyance/trepidation and wonder how she'll react if Eve ends up going on the retreat too.

    I mean, from Hannah's perspective. Will tends to not break-up amicably with his girlfriends and NOW he's her business partner… who is maybe looking for an LTR with her best friend/roommate.
    The potential distruption of her two most solid relationships is a very real and painful threat here if Will and Eve don't work out at this point, and Hannah is super familiar with their behavioral patterns.

    I mean… I want Eve to shoot for Love with Will, but I can see how Hannah would look at it and see mushroom clouds on the horizon.

    1. Will has like never had a relationship in comic that he hasn't cheated on. I'm hoping they've both changed but…you're right about the history here.

  19. So, are we in the final act?

  20. Nnnnoooooo! I've caught up!

  21. F*cker wanted to go to play Pokemon Go, right?

  22. Perhaps he is referring to breaks, as in, "You have to catch every break you are afforded."

  23. Olly, y'old passionate fucker!!

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