#932 + 933 – unhook that brain

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  1. Oh the colours!!

    And the anticipation!

    1. ^This!

  2. Beautiful.

  3. I think this perfectly summarizes their relationship.

    I also am very delighted that I am not the only one who likes to do that to spaghetti-like pool things.

  5. Ahh i know we're all rooting for will and eve, but i get hanna's position here. Nobody wants to be third wheeled, especially on a vacation that you intended to be productive.

  6. i love goofy hanna <3


  8. I'm too am glad to see that Hanna still resides inside of Hanna.

  9. This is so beautiful. I feel at peace just looking at that lake. And them floating there.

    There's nothing quite like summer evenings spent with good company.

  10. There's like this…undercurrent of potential further than friendship relationship with these two and I have no idea if it's a red herring since he's interested in Eve rather than Hanna but I find it so fascinating.

    1. i get the same vibe sometimes, but i think it's because people (mostly) aren't used to the idea of straight men and straight women being friends and nothing else.

      also because those two boned back in college. they're basically friendly exes.

      1. I don't know, I agree that media doesn't always (i.e. almost never) do a good job of portraying platonic cross-gender hetero friendship, *but* I still think they could maaaybe end up banging. Partly because it'd be a good way to screw up all our expectations for this arc, I guess.

        Also, I thought they flirted but didn't actually hook up? That's how I remember reading the icecream conversation, anyway…

        1. "I still think they could maaaybe end up banging."

          At any given time there is always a slim chance of this happening between any number of people.

      2. Wait, what? When did they bone?

        1. I missed it, too.

        2. They didn't, Will kind of wanted to but Hannah wasn't interested and Marek was on the horizon.

      3. I think will just wanted to bone her, and she sort of pretended she didn't know she was leading him on, leading to their falling out and will dropping out of college…

      4. Yeah…though I have a platonic close male straight friend (I'm married) and so I'm quite comfortable with the idea of a straight man and a straight woman being platonic best friends.

        But we don't talk like Will just talked to Hanna. We just don't. It would be weird.

      5. i can't edit my post, so i'm gonna add this here on a new comment: no, they most probably didn't bone. ever. y'all should maaaybe stop downvoting people who try to clarify this information by saying that will and hannah did not, in fact, Do The Sex. because they're right. they didn't. will was just very salty that hannah had a boyfriend at some point and marek was super salty that will wanted to bone his gf AT SOME POINT. which never happened. because they didn't bone.

    2. Good, so I'm not the only one who sees it.

    3. FWIW, I don't think Will is after that at all. He's pretty open with Hanna about his feelings for Eve and didn't hide the fact that he invited her up there (and openly laid a big smooch on her while Hanna was looking through the window). I think it's just their dynamic plus Hanna being weird and insecure about being single. I think the whole Marek thing is still making her edgy. I feel this little undercurrent of dangerousness in her, like she might self-destruct at any moment (and maybe, in the process, try to bone Will?).

  11. Aw yiss. Classic Hanna!

  12. "Please stop reminding me how awful we are." … I read this as an ominous reference to whatever happened during the cut but it could just be my paranoia.

  13. "Yes, WIlliam?" actually killed me. Like, literally falling off the couch slayed me. So you can only imagine what happened when I got to the final panel.

  14. I so wanna stroke that fuzzy torso right now…

    ….. Did I just say that out loud?

    1. Same. I was thinking a few strips ago that it's embarrassing how much of a crush I would have on an irl Will.

  15. Noodles-with-a-hole-in-it: this invention was such a huge step for mankind.
    I will daydream all day about the what if I were a kid and not a babysitter when this hole was invented

    1. Why not both? 😉

  16. I'm sure pool noodle ph-fwoomphing is on the list of things that she was never meant to do again after she broke her butt that one time

  17. It's difficult for me to understand where people coming from when they say goofy Hanna is the "real" Hanna. She's always read as having a pronounced cruel, manipulative streak to me–but most of her worst traits were hidden by her overall contentedness with Marek and her stoner lifestyle.

    I guess people like their labels. "Comic relief" was Hanna's label. Thank goodness that Meredith is a good enough writer for "goofy" and "nasty" to both be true.

    1. I don't disagree with you, other than about people needing to put characters into buckets, but of late it hasn't been Hanna's cruelty or manipulative nature that's seemed at the forefront so much as a combination of business and relationship-related stress plus an overwhelming level of jaded, "I've seen everything and have it all figured out, and it all sucks" cynicism. These, too, are the "real" Hanna — and in fact represent a pretty common experience for people in their mid-to-late-twenties. Meredith has handled Hanna's gradual maturing with aplomb. Like with other characters, it's happened in fits and starts, and it hasn't always been pleasant.

      It's just nice to see that she's still capable of having a good time now and again.

  18. Wait so…

    I guess I just pictured Eve coming along for a bit since she got a long break after all?

    Let my fan fiction come true damn it.

  19. The colours are amazing on this one! Valerie has captured the light so perfectly..

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