#925 – i felt it bounce regretfully

If you've been hoping to get any of the new OP books signed, you're in luck -- I'm finally selling all 4 books in the store! Supplies are limited (particularly volume 4s). I also won't be able to sell them too long - once my apartment turns into a shipping center I start to get a little loopy - so get 'em while they're hot! Apologies to Canada + abroad folks, for whom shipping will be quite steep. If you ain't got the scratch, I recommend getting the books at your local comic shop instead!

21 thoughts on “#925 – i felt it bounce regretfully

  1. Oh, dear Hanna… I wish you called him. The way you guys broke up… Still tingles on my chest. You deserved a second chance and second thoughts.

  2. Meredith, do you know what specific stores in Canada are carrying your book? Google has prioritized amazon.ca but I want octopus pie to live on the physical plane.

    1. which part of canada? I know for sure there are retailers in Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver but I\’d have to dig deeper for other places!

    2. Looks like Indigo (Chapters, Coles, etc) has them, and you can have them shipped to a store near you for free.

  3. Great, now I've got "I Want to Know What Love Is" stuck in my head. That's gonna be there all day. Random fact, that was number 1 in the UK when I was born.

    OK, need to say something interesting… umm… Hanna's shades are freakin' awesome! Hangover shades are the ultimate accessory.

    1. Yo Mikey, this is a better earworm:

      DEEE LITE – What is Love

  4. It's strong and it's sudden, and it's cruel sometimes.
    But, it might just save your life.

    That's the power of love.

    1. That's beautiful man.
      I know it's a bit square to get all emotional over lyricism, but sometimes it's hip to be square.

      Also, I can't believe how well that song matches with this comic.

  5. Look at all that sharing! I guess that means Will and Hanna have the intel they need to get this wrapped up. Will nudges to get Hanna and Larry together, Hanna nudges to get Eve and Will together. The four of them live happily together, two well-matched couples, maybe some light cross-fucking idk, just like Laverne and Shirley and Lenny and Squiggy.

    1. Wow, so Laverne married Shirley and Lenny married Squiggy? I was NOT expecting that…

      1. Yup, absolutely they did. I also found out this week that Lenny is in all the Christopher Guest movies and it has fucked me up. HE WAS ONE OF THE SHIHTZU DADS IN BEST IN SHOW

        1. Also was in “Good Omens” as the witch finder. Awesome.

  6. "Your therapist's a bitch" – I've heard that before. It actually means "I'm not comfortable with the fact that you act differently now that your mental health's improving, so I'm going to try and undermine that process".

    Or maybe I'm bitter and Hanna's just being ironic.

    1. It CAN mean that, but in this case I think it's "being blunt is what works with you, so she's doing it."

    2. Nah, Hannah is just being supportive of Will's feelings. Good friends know that when you make a sarcastic remark as a complaint, you don't need someone telling you "aw c'mon, [rationalisation about how things are right and all that, implying that the problem is you (even if that's the case) and they are saying so with the best of intentions]". They just need someone agreeing with you and maybe making light of the whole thing.

    3. I honestly think she's being sarcastic.

    4. Hannah did that to Marigold before… being clingy and avoiding change can bring out the worst in people.

      1. I don't think that's what she's doing there, she's being supportively sarcastic

    5. It's also kind of based on what Hanna is hearing? Like, we know that Will's therapist is not telling Will that he doesn't have any idea what love is. But Hanna isn't hearing about the session, she's hearing Will's post-therapy "oh my God this really is a problem I'm so messed up" feelings.

      So it could be a control thing, but it could also be like a support thing. Less "I don't like that you're changing" (which Hanna has had problems with in the past) and more "If your therapist makes you feel like you're hopeless and lost, then she's a bitch."

  7. Man. I know it's a passive, throwaway joke but now I'm worried that if anyone called my therapist a bitch or anything negative, I would get unreasonably angry and defensive like I just did right now.

    Maybe I should talk to my therapist about it…

  8. It's so easy to forget that OP used to be in black and white. The colors are such a natural fit for the mood of the comic. Love it.

    I immediately ordered volume 4. Looking forward to getting it!

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