#926 – biological imperative

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41 thoughts on “#926 – biological imperative

  1. YAY.

    1. DOUBLE YAY.



  2. "Of all the bodegas, in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into mine".

  3. Gonna need to hold on to "chillary clinton"

    1. "Chillary Clinton, Feelboy" is definitely part of my daily vocabulary now.

  4. Biological imperative.

  5. Eve "Biological Imperative" Ning

  6. Its completely realistic but it really bums me out how much of a negative character hanna has become. I know it was always there even early on but she's become so cynical that she's my least favorite part of the strips she's in. I hope things turn around for her.

    1. It's been said before and it will be said again: she's become the Old Eve D:

    2. Yeah, she's being way flippant here. I think all the love talk is getting to her, but hey, at least she can't bring down Will's ebullience.

  7. love the manhole smells wafting up. so, so relatable right now.

  8. When was our last Evill moment? Too long ago, that's when.

    Fuuuuuck, here we go

  9. Huh. Not exactly confident in my memory here, but I'd been assuming for awhile now that Hanna was confident she never wanted kids. Unsure what angle to read her "biological clock" commentary from (be it ribbing or/and some value of shifting opinion).

    Also my parents had me when they both were 45, and I never know how to contextualize that whenever the childbearing age thing comes up.

    1. Well it's why she broke up with Marek. But there have been hints more recently that she's reconsidering, at least partially, her stance: http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-04-13/890-891-see-

    2. Well, she's not entirely sure what a biological imperative is, so I don't think kids are the first thing on her mind.

      The way to contextualize your parents' age at your birth is to remember that people generally do stay fertile for decades outside their 30s, but it's much harder for most people to have a kid and the chances for complications do go up. Your birth is a miracle, just like everyone's.

      1. Really? I read it as her knowing what it means, and ribbing him because he's a guy (or as she put it, "handsome cad") and as Rod Stewart (replace with mature male celebrity of your choice) has taught us, men are generally able to sew their wild oats at a later age than women. It was more sarcasm, not really to do with her wanting/not wanting kids.

    3. I think she might be referencing how women get subtly/not subtly pressured to have kids even if we don't want them because our ability to conceive really takes a statistical nose dive in our thirties, while men can happily do their part until they die.

      Women get "but what if you change your mind, and it's too late?!" so even if you don't want kids, it's hard to get the idea completely off your mind

  10. New company tagline; Olly's Organics, a biological imperative. And of course Eve will get credit, not Will

    1. Olly will get the credit

  11. Anyone else have a bad feeling Eve is gonna be gone?

    1. Definitely 🙁

    2. Yeeeah. Will choosing the darker path is ominous. Apart from not hearing about her in a while, of course.

    3. I'm pretty sure if she was, Hanna would know about it. You know, her being her flatmate an' all.

    4. I'm just a little worried she'll take Jane's "Don't shit where you eat" stuff literally this time. Maybe reinforced by her non-hookup with Greg. Maan though ya'll need to slow your rolls and get to know each other and then hook the fuck up. <3

    5. Or sucking face with Greg as Will walks up!

  12. Oh god, why do I get the feeling that this whole endeavour is going to go monumentally, catastrophically wrong?

    1. Monumentally, catastrophically wrong sounds monumentally, catastrophically right 😀

  13. I often have a hard time figuring out Hanna's speeches because of the way they're phrased, so it took me a while to get this one. Now I do. Oh boy.

  14. Meredith, very apt capture of city steam rising from the underground…

  15. What's with all the negative comments! Can't we focus on the cute message of there's no wrong way to feel love that hannah made?

    1. We all just need to Chillary Clinton.

  16. He's basically treating her like she's been treating Park. He's in love with an image of her he's built up in his head. This is gonna go baaaaaad. The fact that they're so alike actually makes me think they *won't* end up together.

    1. It's not the same. I mean yes he's being sappy and lovesick,but honestly I think it depends on who is the person from the other end. Park was always judging Eve when they were together,always making her feel less of a human. Eve doesn't do that with Will on the other hand. Even when she doesn't approve of his life choices,she remains a good friend to him.

  17. huehue "pop into ollies"
    get it
    like pop an ollie

  18. this comic is the fukken shit

  19. I appreciate where Hanna is coming from. Both of them actually, but Hanna was in what seemed to be a solid and turmoil free relationship, which ended, so I don't 'read' her as is being flippant or negative.. I think it's hard not to appear / feel jaded about love after having someone be so entwined in your life for a long time. Will is like a kid dreaming of his first bicycle and stuck on what color it should be whereas Hanna has already pedalled through mountain trails and seen sunsets.

  20. Man, I think Will (and, let's face it, all of us) could use some of Larry's fantastic Bro Truthness at this moment in time. He'd just put on his baseball cap and swivel a chair and all of our shit would be laid out so clear.

  21. I love love love love love love love the lighting in this one.

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