#918 – surprise

It's pleasant how fully into summer we are while these strips run, with the characters all dressed down in little shorts and tanktops and caps. It was drawn in winter, but I spent a lot of this arc just trying to build silence and contentment and heat. My office gets a lot of sun and the air is thick as I write this; I'm easily brought back to that place where no surface feels quite right, every touch is a small agitation, and every cool drink hits like a drug. There's a lot to be said in this penultimate arc, but I wanted it to be felt in the space and sound and temperature of the drawings.

9 thoughts on “#918 – surprise

  1. I just turned 29 earlier this month, and can only hope that when I turn 30 we'll be able to have gatherings like this again! But… it's also kind of a fearful step of like 'my 20's are actually over… am I an old fucker now'? Dunno if I'll ever be ready but it was explored nicely in the coming pages.

    1. happy birthday!

      …y'old fucker.

    2. Happy birthday! For what it's worth, my 30s were wildly better than my 20s (40s are solid so far, too).

      … though that's probably something an old fucker would say. 😀

    3. I turned 31 in March and the lonely reality of my quarantine birthday made me really grateful for the insanely perfect blowout I’d had for my 30th is 2019.

  2. haha larry's old

    1. i would upvote you twice if i could.

  3. Show of hands: Who else forgot where that previous strip was going?

  4. I like that everyone, including Will, is starting to demand a bit more from Will. Hanna expects competence and professionalism (and he's delivering), Larry expects him not to bust into a random club to exact violent revenge for old wounds (and, turns out, he's delivering), and Will expects a better understanding of himself from himself and is taking steps to make it happen.

  5. this strip hits different now that I’m about to turn 30

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