#910 – still happening to you

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76 thoughts on “#910 – still happening to you

  1. Don't do it!


    1. nooooooooooo that's not healthy!

  3. i read this comic and smiled real big and yelled "please Dont Fuck!!!"

  4. Don't fuck him, Eve.

    1. She wants to, and that last panel is not only the realization of that idea, but how sad it suddenly makes her feel that her mind is going there.

      1. No, I don't think so. She looks sad in that last panel because that's how she feels about the direction of her life and career. She just described it as "marching directly into the sea" — pretty grim.

        1. Which I read as a Modest Mouse reference by the way.

        2. Quite possible. I could see it either way.

    2. It's not like it's going to make anything any worse in her life really, and all she's doing by not fucking him is just, what, proving something to the imaginary hordes of voyeurs judging her suupposedly bad decisions? If they do they do, if not, it's not like either of them are made magically into better people because of it.

  5. Greg seriously is the wisdom bitch.

    1. Greg was the wisdom bitch all along and we never knew.

    2. Maybe, we were the wisdom bitch all along

  6. Why shouldn't they fuck?

    1. Ehhh. I've had my crush pity-fuck me (years later even). It was a bad idea.

    2. Because fucking the guy who used to have a crush on her, as a rebound from fucking the guy she used to date, is not healthy.

      1. Only if he still has feelings for her (which doesn't seem to be the case).

        1. He claims he doesn't but he probably buried them. Being drunk brings out all kind of baggage.

        2. They never really go away.

        3. I kind of have that sense, too… but then he'd probably not want to bang her if that was the case. It's kind of weird, otherwise.

          "I USED to have a crush on you. I don't have those feelings anymore! Now I just want to be a caring friend and bang you! Totally different relationship I want to pursue with you!"

        4. Then they have sex and he says he loves her and Eve is like, "oh damn I fucked up bad."

    3. Because they are drunk, emotionally vulnerable, she's never really been attracted to him before, and she's in rebound mode. Both are going to deal with a hell of a lot of heartbreak if this goes the way it looks. Had a feeling last page when she started blushing in the bottom two frames.

      1. I think that's just drunk-flush.

      2. Okay but what if she wasn't attracted to Greg before, but she's seeing how much he's changed and developed as a person since then and is attracted to him now? People can change.

        1. Well, that's why we think she wants to bang him in the first place, is it not? They're hitting it off, he's been a good listener and a caring friend — he's looking more and more like he'd be a good contender to canoodle with.

          But his growth as a person hasn't been a gradual thing that she's come to realize. She's just meeting him and noticing all this in the ONE DAY they're hanging out, after literal YEARS of not talking with him. This is a sudden infatuation, at best, and first impression of how he is right now. And first impressions don't always go down so well:

  7. I think Eve and Greg are almost gonna have sex, in the way that a plane will sometimes almost land.

    (There will be screaming, and flames.)

    1. Sure. She ignored everyone else's good advice—from her doctor to Hanna. Why not totally toss out Jane's advice, too? Yeah…. Too familiar. Someone either grows from this kind of epic self-created llama drama or they become the friend everyone shakes their head at.

      1. Im on Team Drama
        It would be a really interesting plotline if she sleeps with half the cast ,
        ( Puget Sean, jacob ) very quickly. and winds up with America ….
        That would be some ….drama.

  8. Eve quit fuckin'!

  9. Greg got some mad shot glass balancing skillz

  10. Awwww, this is so much nicer than a cavalcade of shit. 🙂

  11. I love it how Meredith makes dialogues in such fractioned way that we don't lose the general feeling or logic between characters even if some mayor time-lapses appear. we get what's really important, the crucial points of their conversations.

    but right now? Greg is pretty much what Eve needed to hear. What I needed to hear too. Life's still happening, even if you're still doing the same thing.
    Meredith's been drawing this for, like, 9 years now? Maybe more? Her life haven't stopped. We've seen her marry, we've seen the pages get all coloured up, we've seen it all in the same still media.
    That's recomforting and Greg's a genie for already seeing this. I can't believe I'm saying this, as I love Will and Eve – but I hope Greg and Eve get to have a chance for a relationship.
    (even if she just did Park this afternoon but nevermind)

  12. What if they are about to have sex but Eve's "no sex for a week" comes back to bite her

    1. What are the repercussions of that, exactly? I actually don't know, though maybe I really should. I would imagine soreness, but is there more?

      1. There is a greater risk for infection after having a biopsy in your bone zone bits.

        1. EVE.

          EVE, NO.


  13. I'm afraid she's not going to make out with Greg (good), but then make-out with the roomie that walked in, then causing Greg-Eve drama….

  14. Heh. Called it. It appears good advice disregarding (like bad luck) runs in 3s. Drives me crazy when friends do this—especially the ones who actually ask for advice to begin with (I rarely give unsolicited unless someone is directly in danger).

  15. "Maybe it's pointing you to something—like ME!" Poor guy…though they are both being self-destructive fools.

  16. C'mon people. They can be pleasantly drunk and still not fuck. Have faith.

    1. They could, but it will take some strong self-awareness and control on one from one of them. Everything is set up just right for it all to go to hell in a handbasket. The fact they are all blushy and kind of googly-eyed at each other doesn't really help.

    2. I LOled

      Eve has Fuck-me-eyes. They are fucking unless Greg puts the breaks on it

      1. They look more like Time-for-drunk-existentialism-with-a-side-of-some-throwing-up eyes to me. It's not going to happen.

    3. On top of that? We have the epic foreshadowing of Jane telling her not to sleep with her friends. 😉 Of course, this could all be a device for her to stop this train and show us some amazing character growth—or show a lack of it by letting her wits go. And who knows what direction that will take? I love how the characters stay in character in OP regardless of whether they make good or bad decisions. It always takes the story somewhere good, too.

      1. Yup. And my bet is this has to serve some kind of purpose — it's been a while since Eve was front and center, and there must be a reason for such an intensive, focused arc on this. This is still a story we're watching, after all.

        Honestly, I think Eve is gonna grow. She's ready for it. She's abruptly been starkly disillusioned out of romanticizing the past; she might realize that this is an opportunity to get to know someone who's genuinely interested in knowing her as she is now, and who has grown so much since she knew him — something she has suddenly realized is terribly untrue about Park.

        They could inspire a lot of positive growth in each other, whether as friends or romantic partners. I think she'll recognize that in some way before either one of them messes it up too much. 🙂

  17. Eve is running into the issue of releasing the bowstring at the exact same moment she decides to.

    No matter how many times she tries, she cannot release the string at the same time. Over and over, she attempts to make the release and the decision the exact same action and same instant, but over and over again, there is a delay that pays the lie to her being in control. She cannot decide to release the bowstring and also release the bowstring. She keeps trying, but it never happens. She despairs. She doubts. She finally gives up.

    And that's when it happens. When she gives up on the decision, it happens. When you push your ego into a corner where your ego cannot make the thing happen, it becomes apparent that your ego is not in control, that your ego is not who you are, and that your ego is not the one living your life, you are. But you can't give your ego advanced notice of this kind of test. It has to preserve itself. It has to preserve itself because part of you needed that ego to exist. That you wanted to come to that conclusion you came to, and the ego was necessary to make it happen. The constant false starts aren't perfection, but they are necessary for perfection. Which is paradoxical, but still true, and probably why life seems so complicated.

    That's how I see Eve, anyway.

  18. The "Hey man," "'Ey," moment. This is the universal sound of sexual tension happening around roommates

    1. Like, WHY did that moment seem so tense?! How is this one tiny square of comic so relatable?!?!

  19. I see the Will/Hanna parallels. They will not fuck


  20. I see the Will/Hanna parallels. They will not fuck

    1. Yes, thank you! I'm irritated that everyone commenting thinks emotional closeness MUST be accompanied with genital closeness.

  21. I'm on team "don't fuck him" but I am also considering a membership on team "Eve might have a problem with alcohol."

    1. Welcome! Have a drink.

      …On second thought, maybe not.

    2. Drama Hedge Fund?
      Take the side bet.

  22. Headcanon: Greg was the one who sold Jane her vape.

    No matter what happens, I'll know that you won't be able to take that away from me, and I shall remain happy.

  23. I love how people get really deep when they are drunk. Everything just becomes so clear once you have downed a couple of glasses of liquor.

  24. You guys I do not think this is unhealthy necessarily let us give them both the benefit of the doubt! They are new people now and are working on letting go of past selves, greg seems like a very emotionally stable mature guy. And I don't think eve is going to suddenly "use" him, she hardly ever does something that's out and out mean. I love eve and will but they don't seem to feel the need to be exclusive and committed in that intense way so maybe greg also doesn't need to. I mean Greg with the crazy crush must have been what, 7 years ago by now?

    If they drunk hooked up and it got messy in the morning I think they'd still be able to deal with it because they have an established deep friendship already and are probably able to honour that.

    If they're all honest and compassionate about it it could be a really good thing.


  25. How is Greg successfully clinking his shotglass while only balancing it on one finger?

    1. Mad skillz

    2. Style with ease

  26. Greg said exactly what I needed to hear right now. As a person who graduated college with honors 5 years ago and is now working part time at a grocery store and is friends with many people on a "career path," sometimes it's hard to remember that life is still happening.

    1. I crashed hard out of college. Depression and sleep apnea and other issues all fed into each other until I just shut down. Spent a long time trying to get back who I thought I had to be and restart my life where I left off. it's only recently that I've learned who I am, instead. And recovery has been much more notable once I started doing that.

  27. Oh no…
    I have a bad feeling about this.

  28. trapdooralligators

    sooo… what if one of the things greg discovered about himself was that he's gay? (maybe that's why it's easier for him to say how he used to have a crush on eve, eh? eh??)

    1. :O

      I literally just gasped out loud.

      This is what will happen. Eve will make a move. And he will come out to her. And Eve will realize how badly this has all gone.

      Noooo. But I liked EvexGreg 🙁

    2. My initial thought after reading the last page. We'll see~

    3. You have no idea how badly I want this. Holy crap, that'd be amazing.

    4. Not a prerequisite. I've been where Greg is, and once you get past any entitlement parts of the crush (where you feel that if you like someone they're supposed to like you back) it's not too difficult to handle reasonably. Particularly with a nice helping of time and perspective.

    5. And that's what is up with the awkward tension when his "buddy?" walks in!


  29. Next-stop: Bone city!

  30. OH Crap! Is Eve still in the window, to get Pregnant?
    ( Some nice lady explain how fast an iud works )

    Totally Drama city! Park or Greg's or Wills

  31. if you haven’t seen old friends for a long time there’s usually a reason, even if you can’t put a finger on it

  32. Hey Meredith, I dunno if this will be helpful or even read, but the URL for page 911 is wrong for both the ‘next’ button on this page and the ‘previous’ button on page 912. Both point at octopuspie.com/comic/4617, but the actual proper URL for that comic (as far as I can tell) is octopuspie.com/comic/4617-2/.

    Anyway, back to my reread and emotional journey through my own 20s :’)

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