#907 – still kinda heartbroken

So here's where the "in defense of Park" part sort of kicks in. And again, I wasn't trying to present a Right Side, here - only to mirror the kind of cruelty in Eve that she'd just recently suffered. She called up Greg with one thing in mind - and here we are - and it's not going her way. Is it really unforgivable, what Park did? Only if she and Greg can get their stories straight. About now she probably wishes she'd called someone who didn't know her back then, doesn't know anything about Park, and only has a spiritless curiosity for the issue. She accidentally called someone who loves her.

12 thoughts on “#907 – still kinda heartbroken

  1. Can we assume that Eve has already told Greg about what happened between her and Park earlier?

    1. I think this is the page where it becomes clear she didn't. I think if Greg knew that Eve just had a date with Park that went poorly, he wouldn't have said that stuff in panel 6.

      I'm guessing Gwen's wedding was the thing they supposedly met to talk about, and Eve just (subconsciously?) planned on letting the conversation get to Park at some point.

    2. Banging him and throwing a drink in his face? Probably not, even if eve felt like doing that he would have the good sense to not bring up Park after that.

  2. Damn… and all this time I though Greg was just trying to get into her pants here.

  3. Apropos of nothing, but the soft summery ambiance of this bar scene is something I'd love to be able to experience in NYC right now

  4. the immediate jump eve makes from greg saying "i've got my own problems with park" to "FUCK HIM AND EVERY LAST THING ABOUT HIM" is telling, to say the least; the bit of this arc that has always stayed with me is watching these folks (park excluded, for, um, obvious reasons) finally understand that their experiences are not 100% universal; that perhaps, for example, greg has made his own peace with park. the rest of the conversation, greg admitting he wasn't quite in tune with eve's struggles, eve realizing the reality of their earlier relationship etc., just hammer it home. god, knowing they don't just fuck and actually grow is so nice, ya know?

  5. I think that after the reread my conclusion is yes, Park is a self-absorbed jerk but this whole thing is Eve's fault. I mean, I fully understand why she did it, that it happened almost organically but she did have a choice and her friends warned her. She should have known better that meeting up with Park would be a huge mistake.

    1. Like Jane said – she had to feel that ice cold sting of Knowing.

    2. She literally relabeled Park's number as "NOPE" in her phone and then answered it anyway.

      It's definitely her fault. But sometimes ya gotta do some dumb shit to learn and grow as a person.

  6. "She accidentally called someone who loves her." Feeling that.

  7. I love that glimpse of old-school Eve in the last panel

  8. I feel like an idiot for not registering that Eve called Greg up as a fuck. I thought that after the whole Park thing she maybe was feeling a certain duty to reconnect with those friends. I guess I'm not sure what I thought

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